New Year’s Resolutions

SONGSOPTOK: New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. A large percentage of people all over the world are thinking about making new resolutions. Why do you think people make resolutions on New Year’s Day specifically?

MICHAEL: In human subconscious mind, a new year is always like a renewal, a moment to start afresh and think of achieving pending goals, set new goals. It’s a natural phenomenal in human’s mind. From an individual to a large community, resolution has been a necessity.

SONGSOPTOK:  Available evidence shows that the origin of making new resolutions on New Year was started long time back in Babylon – the Babylonians made promises to their Gods. So did the Romans. In today’s society, resolutions are mostly promises we make to ourselves. How do you explain this shift in paradigm?

MICHAEL: I believe the remarkable influence from the achievement science and technology created has adrift our vision from making resolutions to God.  People see science as more of human achievement than God’s divine wisdom. People want to see themselves make an influence in what they can do best. They want to be the best and they therefore commit to themselves rather than God. Nevertheless, I still believe people still make resolutions to God.

SONGSOPTOK:  In your opinion, is this custom religious or social? In the country or the society you live in, is 1st January considered to be the beginning of the New Year? If not, on which day does the New Year start? What are the specific customs, if any, associated with your New Year?

MICHAEL: Actually, from religious view, Resolutions now appear to be seeking self- achievement and asking God to help. In the aspect of social life, resolution comes through self-determination and people go all the way to achieve their goals. I think making resolutions is a custom in both religious and social life

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you believe in New Year’s Resolutions? Do you systematically make resolutions every year? Are you going to do the same this year? Why?

MICHAEL: Yes, I believe in New year Resolutions even though I have always agree with A NEW DAY. I will make and I am doing the same this year.

SONGSOPTOK:  What, in your experience, are the types of New Year’s resolutions do people make? What are yours?

MICHAEL: I think it’s always more of achieving their dreams. Humans wants to achieve something phenomenal as I have written before. Lol, I think I will keep my resolutions to myself. One of it anyway is to publish a book.

SONGSOPTOK:  In case you are a believer in these resolutions, can you share your experience with us? Were you able to fulfill your resolutions? How did it make you feel?

MICHAEL: I want to emphasis that making resolutions and achieving them are two different journey but we can merge it through determination of individuals and communities.  We take up dreams and it falls. We get easily distracted in this world, you know. I am a young guy who just started an independent life. I just started my independent resolutions and I hope to achieve them.

SONGSOPTOK:  Research shows only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. What, according to you, are the reasons behind this low rate of success? What could be the likely causes in your case?

MICHAEL: Distractions, it’s a difficult thing to focus. It’s hard for humans. Also, it’s difficult for people to take risk. From a spiritual point of view, the devil is stealing dreams and I mean that as it is written in the bible (John 10 vs 10) that the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. He has created so many things that can actually distract people.

SONGSOPTOK:  In case you were able to stick to one or more New Year’s resolutions, can you share with us how you managed to do this? In the opposite case, why do you think you were not able to attain your objectives? What, in your opinion, are some of the better ways to make resolutions stick?

MICHAEL: In all sincerity, I am yet to actualize my true resolution. I want to sell my songs, sing some, publish my books. I think It’s a first things I will love to achieve before I begin my next step of resolution. 

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you believe in the feel good factor associated with making New Year Resolutions? Do you personally feel pious come New Year’s Eve because of the resolutions you made? Do you declare them publicly? If yes, then how did your family and friends react to your resolutions?

MICHAEL: I don’t feel devotion to God on new year eve, though I don’t deny praying to God for the new year. I believe He can help me to achieve all that I desire. I don’t declare them entirely public except with people of like minds, we share some resolutions together and we feel good saying them.

SONGSOPTOK:  There are market segments that capitalize on New Year’s resolutions, such as health clubs. Do you feel they have equal responsibilities in helping the pledgers to fulfill their resolutions?

MICHAEL: I think they might. If anyone can fight against the tides of life, we can achieve anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new day, week, month, years It’s all about focus.

MICHAEL He is a brilliant guy who has so much dedication to writing on different aspect of life. He has written a lot of poems, songs and currently working on his book for publish. He loves to play drums and a full football fan. 

We sincerely thank you for your time and hope to have your continued support.
Aparajita Sen



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