It was so blossom morning, Green trees near the muddy roads were looking so beautiful. But somehow hectic way because there was  no proper roads for the vehicles.
“Oh no! How muddy and dirty this way, I don’t know why Miss A.Amina is living there? You should ask from your favorite writer “
Yaseen inquired to her girlfriend Afia as he turned his car to next jump.
“She is very big and talented writer, she is living in this small muddy village there must be a logical reason behind it, well I am curious to see her “
Afia answered while looking the small muddy home near the road. After half hour they reached to the village of Miss.A.Amina.
“Hello cute child do you know which one the home of Miss A.Amina?”
Afia asked to a dirty boy who was looking at their car again and again
“Yes Amina Madam live in front of that building of the school “
He hinted them to the very big building of school
“Wao000! Its so amazing building of school I never ever saw such type of school in any city “
Yaseen amazed by the beauty of school
“Yes it is because this school is also made by Miss.A.Amina “
Afia replied him while capturing picture of school
Then they moved to see the building of house, It was so small house consisted on a only one room, all walls were muddy. They was nobody inside the house. There were many white pages and stickers of books were attached on the muddy walls of room. There was a small rag of books near the wall and it was full with different books. There were two old baskets were filled with vegetables. Both were observing the room
“Hi guys how are you?”
Miss A.Amina entered in home 
“Hello I am so glad to meet you”
Afia shacked hand as she was looking that Miss.A.Amina was so great writer but she wore so dirty clothes and there was a big bag on her shoulder in which there were fruits.
“Sit here please” Miss A.Amina said to them
“I have read many books written by you, you last novel “Perhaps mirror cannot find my pain” is really amazing “
“Thank you dear “
“By the way today I want to listen something else from you? Like any story written by you which you never published? And why are you living here in a small village as you are very famous writer many people all over the world know about you?”
“Dear My voice is still maimed”
“How miss? I did not get? “
It was so silence night, everything was looking so cold in winter. Cool breeze entered from the small window of muddy home and touched the naked feet of 7 years old Ama. She moved blanket from face as half blanket was on her body but her legs and feet were not covered because blanket was so small. She covered her feet with blanket but then her body was not covered. Then she gazed on a small piece of cloth near the wood made bed and she covered her body with that cloth. But still her face was not covered. She got up with angry feelings and through the blanket near the bed.
“What the hell is life? I hate my life, I don’t know why ALLAH created all problems for poor people”
She pushed her hairs with her hands with aggressive feelings and there was a long fetter of tears on her cheeks.
“What happened?”
Almost 45 years old woman near her bed queried to her.
“Nothing mother I am just feeling cold “
“Come and sleep with me”
“Thank you mother “
“Welcome my dear daughter “
“Mother May I ask something?”
Ama blinked her eyes to her mother as her head was in the arm of mother.
“Yes my dear sure “
Mother served her hands on her curly black hairs.
“Mother! Why we are poor? Why my father died? You know what mother I daily go to market for selling fruits, I observe that many girls pass from me wearing school uniform with beautiful shoes. Can I not go to school?”
She asked while moving her cute hands on the neck of mother with curious feelings.
“Oh my dear daughter, don’t be sad Allah is with us you should work hard I’ll get money for you and you will also go to school “
“Wao00! Really?”
“Yes Madam “
“Umaah! My dear mother, you are so good” She kissed
“Now close your eyes and sleep “
Silence was again in the room, but now fetter of tears was on the cheeks of mother. Night passed with the maimed realities. Next morning Ama got up early morning and she set up her shoulder bag of fruit. That day Ama was dreaming about her future.
“Wao00! I will also go to school WAo00 new clothes, new shoes, and there will be many good friends will be with me at school “
She was trying to chain up her thoughts when a man hold him.
“Hello give me some fruit where you lost? “
He said
“Yes yes okay “
She replied with confuse feelings and handed him fruit
Whole day she did hard work and then reached home.
“Dinner is ready for you “
Mother said while washing the dish from tap.
“Yes mother I will do, but you remember what you said to me last night? “
“Yes madam! Sit here and look I bought new bag and books for you “
“Waoo for me?
She was serving her small hands on the bag again and again.
“But mother how you bought all these things?”
“I just cleaned all streets of village and got some money for you and bought all these things for you”
“Thank you so much “
Both mother and daughter did dinner and they went for sleeping. Ama could not sleep that night, whole night she was dreaming with open eyes that tomorrow was the first day at school. At last after fighting with imaginations she slept. A new sun was waiting for her. That morning she was feeling so much lucky everything was new for her. She wore new uniform of school .After 8 days she did take both and she was looking to her shoes which were shining with black polish. She use hair pins on her curly hairs.
“Waoo! Today I am looking so gorgeous “
She said to herself while serving hands on her hairs in front of small piece of mirror hanging on the muddy wall.
“But mother if I will go to school then who will sell the fruit?”
“I will do some work and after coming back home you should for selling fruit “
Mother hold her arm for moving outside near the door.
Prince school of peace was the moderate school of city Darkuman. It was so big school for ama.Classes begun one months ago but Ama got late admition.
“Why are you coming without permition in the class?
Miss Lia hinted to her as Ama was entering in the class.
“Ma’am I am the student of this class. See I have new shoes, new uniform, hair pins, and books?”
She answered very sharply with her innocent eyes. Miss Lia and whole class laughed at her answer.
“Okay sit here “
“ I don’t like to sit with her because her mother clean the streets and they are dirty people “
One girl whispered to other one as Ama sit with them. Ama looked to her uniform shoes.
“Hello friends we are not dirty people, would you like to be my friend?”
Ama moved her hands to one girl
“No never and never sit with us again look at your shoes they are not shining and beautiful than the other students “
Ama was feeling so confuse after looking to her shoes. All girls had used beautiful hair pins at hairs. Years passed with the harsh realities of life but Ama never gave up, many things had changed in her life Ama had become very cute and strong girl and as well she daily wrote her imaginations on her diary. Ama had set her goal and as well had become very creative writer at university level. She never gave priority to people in her life she thought that people only come in life for hurting. Now in her small room she had bought a new computer with internet and still sold fruits. Her mother became too much feeble but there were a lot of dreams in the eyes of her mother’s life. Her mother wished that Ama will become doctor then they will also live very comfortable life like other elite class people. Whole university was known about Ama that she was good writer and talented student she had got position in many competitions. She had make her own pages on face book twitter and had joined many international blogs. It was the last day at university convocation day all students got the degrees Ama got gold medal from university she was the toper of university. But she was not happy that day there was something else in her mind I think degree or job was not her goal. She wanted something else in life. She was coming back from university after attending party with friends. It was lonely hectic night.
“Megye You girl” “Megye you girl “5 boys were singing song and they moved to her
“What you need? “
“We want to kiss you”
They laughed and gave high hand punched to each other
Two of them hold her tightly and they touched on her body. She moved back but she could not, they raped her and then they ran to their homes. It was so horror night for her. With the ruby weepy eyes road seemed so long for her.
“Mother will be waiting for me and will be so happy , if I will tell her she will cry and people will blame on me” She thought and cleaned up her tears ,then she entered in her home with pretending smile.
“My dear daughter why are you looking sad? Today is the best one day in your life, you have got degree and you are doctor now “Mother inquired
“Yes yes mother, let’s do dinner I am so hungry “She smiled and they did dinner. That night she received email of her first published book in all over the world .But she could celebrate that good news and then again ran to see her goal. She wanted to meet the president of country Ghana. At last after 15 days she went to the home of President as a news reporter. A girl wearing very beautiful clothes near the swimming pool in the home of president was  studying and there were 2 security guards were with her, she was the single daughter of president. Ama got permition and entered to the room of president.
“Dear sir! I just want to ask few questions   from you. You are president don’t you think there should be must progress in all those areas where education is not and people are just hardly fulfilling their needs, There must be some opportunities for the poor people that they can live their lives easily specially girls living there are not secure. I mean to say Darkuman “
She asked to him with curious eyes she could see the almost 20 body guards were in the home of president which was so big and beautiful.
“Madam I am really sorry to hear but you know till now we don’t have enough resources for all those areas but we will try in coming years “
He replied as he touched to his branded smart phone.
Ama came back home and she wore her shoulder bag and of fruit. She wanted to improve the conditions of her village and relevant areas.
Afia even did not took a single sip of tea not Yaseen and there were tears in their eyes.
“Is it real story of your village?”
“Yes real and Ama was me I changed my name Ama to A.Amina “
“Oh my God “
“Yeah My voice is still maimed “
Miss A.Amina said .



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