In my first Job just after College over and you know I always love travelling I always love to travel alone and still maintain except offcourse occasional travelling with my sweet family as per demand -It was one my journey coming from adventure journey of Saranda Forest near Jaraikella in between Jharkhand and Orrissa may be it was 1970 or 71 just about summer season to start .Climate was nice --in a 3rd class compartment in those days of early 70s -it was not that much of rush ,I was sitting window side and memorizing the mesmerizing Saranda Forest dense dark even in day light- body hair jumping straight high when crossing one step to other step when we listen constant sound of wild animals barking .I was deeply engrossed my memorable moment of forest -suddenly saw in front of me a full family of 7/8 person also going to Calcutta and in the corner was that shy partly covered with pallu that beautiful face hardly 18 or 19 years almost my same age .I was unable to concentrate any other thinking except that face .I lost in deep dense jungle of fantasy world -totally forgot that mesmerizing Saranda Forest -Thinking and thinking of that wonderful eyes hit my bottom of heart and occasional hitting of eye inggling of both made me almost restless .I forgot to take even my launch and during night we all slept to respective seats and I tried my best to draw her attention but failed -she slept I slept .Morning 6 am train came to How rah station all our destination .We all got down -she also got down but suddenly I felt she was trying to say something to me but could not as she was well protected by he all elders accompanying her .

I came home and forgot the twinggling memory of that beautiful eye thinking of one of such incident of my life .10 /12 days past in Kolkata It was my job as usual and one day my Manager asked to go to Rourkella in Orrissa for some official work .I was comfortably in a suit of 4 seater 1st class compartment .A married family of young couple must be newly wed one enter my compartment .I was in the bottom seat and couple was in my opposite .The young man seem to be arrogant looking but not less than 35 years age muscular little ugly eye -no smile but only straight looking face -his bride was covered with a large pallu and cannot see the face .Train was running with zig zag movement rythmatic sound of wheel connecting rails fast and furious pace .Night fall -we all finished our food and started for arranging night sleep .All along the journey of nearly 12 hours in train I could not see the face of bride as she covered her face all along with long pallu -I was not interested also perhaps I forgot also what happen last 10 days in my life .Morning 7 am my destination came at Rourkella and I was about to get down and suddenly saw that beautiful eye again what I saw 10 days ago -My entire memory suddenly flashed with some pinching pain .I thought how it can happen --Is it coincident ?? or another flashing memory .

Still that flash hunt me

Mesmerizing fact of life so endearing so meaningful .Yes its true I can see my childhood I saw my darling Rohita 40 years ago -I saw Rohita left after certain time to her own life of matrimony .I also changed .suddenly I saw Rohita playing with bubling children in a green park.I recognized her even after 40 years -that beautiful eye -oval shape forehead and husky skin look pale and emaciated at presnt -hair still black long touching knee .I was passing by that -saw Rohita and her own grand children playing together .I called her in low voice -with surprise hawk like eye she looked me with blur remembrance ,trying to recall me -smile blocked mystic posture --could not recollect what was me and what I am .I am also changed having stick in my hand .Rohita could not recognize me but I saw her eye full of Myst and watery .Looking to dancing grand children of Rohita the new generation life I left the place for certain future I know .How time change so fast -
-How life is magical as both the incidents happened during February.



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