Sunil was clicking some shots of a green paddy field just where on the Road Bus stopped due to some engine failure .Bus people are on the job and Sunil is on his job of clicking with his camera always he carry. Dip blue sky-patches of white clouds in different shapes moving slowly steadily from one direction to others moving continuously one after another .suddenly seen some horse moving and then after some elephants - Indian maps so many so many of different shapes these white clouds ,background that same dip blue sky .You can see feel watch these clouds sometimes a beautiful marmoreal two eyes of an Apsara moving heaven -Birds are lazily flying someone dozing someone attacking others -flying dozing flying and if you look to one will see flying and flying only to vanish suddenly in the sky. Can’t fix your watching .Just watch and watch .

On the bottom below sky lies magnificent green paddy field -creating some gentle wave from thin air flowing gently on the paddy field -in a straight line  from one direction to others with some mysterious swirling gentle sound of ripe paddy  yellow brown ready to cut to send to market .Exactly on the center of the field two Palm tree standing tall cross legged as if will dance now holding sky in one hand and green below on other hand as if to remind the child hood memory of dancing with fellow Ratna, Gaytri -and so many exactly on the same sequence Sunil was thinking standing near that paddy field taking snaps of that magnificent scenes once he used to take when he was 18 years old young bubbling boy . Two lazy white stork suddenly appear from nowhere flipping the wings slowly lazily and sat on the top of that paddy tree creating again some wave of a straight line moving one to other directions with same swirling gentle sound of ripe paddy as if on the dancing paddy field as if calling two storks  come come here hey storks .gentle call only no urgency -just waiting and waiting for the birds to come other directions of paddy field

Camera now turn to nearby village lovely muddy roads -thatched houses inline -tree shaded muddy roads -Village dogs barking -covered by green trees looking to us as if little child awaken from dip sleep looking directionless .What is there in the village? Can’t see from distance so no point on clicking shutter but if at all you visit invariably you will see near by a small pond -some ducks and ducklings swimming --8/9 naked little children taking bath swimming dancing and creating some kind of sound which no one can understand what they are saying -A beauty with beautiful two eyes standing on the edge of the pond carrying pot full of water in her lap - half of pallu fallen on the eyes trying to look who the hell is here in their village with a camera with some kind of suspicion but the point where that beauty is standing where two long legged coconut trees standing as if kissing the pond crossed legged -Chirping of birds giving some music to ear on the back drop of a silent village .With a peculiar sound of "HAI "the naked children came out of pond and started running on the tree shaded muddy road zigzag way .Bamboo forest nearby .some birds chirping continuously creating an atmosphere of a heaven on earth .Truly truly .of you are not visiting a village you are missing something in life .Sunil was thinking standing near the bus still under repair .Suddenly sun rays fallen to evening sound .Far off the paddy field Farmers started packing of their daily work -about to return -Bullock cart getting ready --Village beauty came again to pond for last pot of water she needed  for  night in her room to cook sip .Her husband will return from city at about 11 pm . Sound of Local trains creating some magic moment in the village with that Rhythmic sound of Ticky tick ticky tick with conch like sound coming every one hour from a long distance of the village .Again in far off the paddy field some group  white storks lazily flying above the green field returning to nest color changes suddenly--mixer of 7 colors in the sky -Red and yellow  is prominent --Sun become a big red disc falling exactly in between two Palm trees standing far crossed legged in the beautiful green field .Mind tossed to run endlessly in the paddy field to catch that falling red disc and meet that place where sky and land meeting some illusion of nearby distance .Want to catch but sky and land moves further .
A sudden feeling just refreshed the mind of Sunil who was watching all these via his camera inside and outside 

Bus repairing still going on .Good that still not repaired Sunil felt otherwise he would have missed this marmoreal beauty of nature and some painful city life reminding him pinching painful hole in his mind .You can’t see every day such beauty  of Nature .Good that Bus got break down and his imagination got some good feeds of watching this beautiful village .He changed the camera to 10 years back when he just passed out of college and trying hard to find some jobs and finally got this travelling jobs -one place to others city after city village after village .Enjoying life with this jobs with his camera always with him -does not want to miss any situations come in life .Sunil never miss past also whatever comes in life whether that love life or job friends -people .Everything he shuttered in his camera lying inside .

Suddenly the Bus repaired and started moving for his home to reach and the big red disc fallen in between two palm trees .He clicked the scene for the last time in the village .Bus left the village contour .Sunil sitting on the window felt little bit dizzy and fallen asleep .But that village -that beauty with pot full of water naked children and that awesome big red Sun falling between two trees was also moving with him .The inside camera clicked the shutter again for those scenes captured in memory forever and will keep in an Album .



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