In this age of globalization and in this advancement of information technology the world has become a global village where everything is changing fast. None can predict what is going to be happened tomorrow. But in this race of development we have to keep ourselves on the track otherwise generation gap will push us to the bin. Adjusting with the existing situation is the key to success.

The theory of fashion fade trend and style became admixture. It became really difficult to identify these separately; these are no more mutually exclusive. Culture of today is going to take the taste of antic value in the near tomorrow. The components of our daily life, going to bed, wake up, taking breakfast, having lunch and dinner or spending time remain unchanged but the color and taste have been changed to a great extent. Peoples became more and more busy and spending their time with IT devices. To read a novel became a tedious task for this glamorous new generation.

In our age we have to go to the library regularly and read different types of book to enrich our knowledge. We have to read newspapers for collecting updated information around the world and our teen-age culture was like that. Now a day youngsters don’t have their time to go to the libraries. They have their PCs, laptops and smart phones to access to the latest and updated information at any time within a couple of moments everything from sex to Shakespeare. 

In this process of civilization or flow of development human bondage became loosened. Individualism is rolling and sparkling all around. Most of the ideas and thoughts are leaded by ‘I and me’; most of the sentences peoples use is like that. What have we experience in our babyhood is not familiar with this new generation. Our moms have to cook all the breakfast, lunch and dinner for us with due care. She has to spend lots of time near the oven made of clay or kerosene stove. There were no refrigerator in our age; therefore cooking once a day and eat round the day was impossible. Our moms have to cook thrice a day. That we had taken as foods that were fresh and mostly organic in nature.

 Now a day peoples have less time to spend on cooking. They prefer to take lunch or dinner outside the home at restaurants. Fast food or junk food came out to meet this thrust. These foodstuffs are either oily or spicy and mostly injurious to health. Beyond that formalin or other toxic chemicals are added as preservative which have far reaching impact into our body function. The fish meat vegetables fruits grains are poisonous everywhere. As a result deadly diseases like cancer, diabetics, abdominal ulcers, hypertension and other cardio-vascular diseases became widely increased.     

Kitchen culture is going to be thrown, peoples those who are a bit aware of health prefer to take semi-cooked food to the house from the department stores and prepare within some minutes and take their food during lunch or dinner. But these oily/spicy foods increases cholesterol level into the blood and penetrate blood pressure or heart diseases over time. Cooking fresh food into the kitchen became a boring job for the moms; they rather prefer to watch utopian television serials or killing time with facebooking activities.

On the other hand, the popular saying ‘early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise’ has gone to the banishment. Mom and other family members go to bed at late night and wake up late in the morning. She don’t have much time to cook in the morning, she has to go out for the job. Therefore semi-processed foods like bread-butter eggs or frozen food etc. are the solution in the morning breakfast.  

At noon there are junk fast foods, yeah those are lucrative and yummy to finish the working lunch. And during night mom is tired enough to cook, she request the hubby to prepare food. The husband is also exhausted to do this critical boredom job. So going out to take dinner or preparing semi-cooked food is the probable solution. In this way the culture is changing through generation as demanded by age. We have nothing to do but to accept the reality of modern life. Things are like that nothing hallucination.

Now we have our modern improved kitchen, those days of chopped wood and oven or stove have gone, we have microwave oven, gas and electricity everything but we have no time, we have no time to cook healthy foods. Moms are conscious enough and don’t accept gender discrimination. We also believe in equal opportunity. Both the papa and mom are tired and busy and readymade foods are there in the convenience stores. Hence, this is the way to live and to nourish ourselves with this prevailing culture.

In yesterday it was thought that mom is the person to prepare all the foods for the whole family. But the concept has been changed over time, now the mom became conscious so far exploitation or liberty is concern. They think that they are not the maid servant to spend their lives with this tedious fashionable cooking; they became clamorous in favor of their right and equal opportunity. Papa is also sympathetic and can’t reveal this argument. One the other hand maid servants are not available because they prefer to get a job where wage is higher and where liberty is there. In this cultural context we must choose from the best available alternatives to nourish our body.     

It might be the opinion of a senior citizen but it might be a generation gap identified by the young peoples. Every yesterday is a memory for the today and every tomorrow is a dream for today. No matter could we accept it or not, time will fly soundlessly without our concern. It is better, let us live with melodious memory and rosy dream. Trend is the working force of development or modernization. What Europe is experiencing today we the Asians will experience in the near tomorrow, essence is trickling down. There might be some movement in favor of green universe but nothing returns back to the origin.   



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