‘’Come gather at our table. Sip the flavors of life and savor all of the memories.’’

Every time I am in the kitchen, I feel it’s the home’s  culture discourse, penchant for menu-logues with warring starvations, saliva sensing mysteries and a-cook-demician ( a term maybe when you crave then experiment and later you will share your invented delicious meal.)
It's always a good feeling to cook and serve our loved ones even with  simple creations.
It is   joyful menu-story;  my language of saying ‘’a little joy that keeps me wanting to be with you all the time’’.  
It is a time of telling  how sorry you were, about the the mess or something that had offended or made him upset.  My way of  flirting  and exaggerate ‘’ My dear, I gave you ''some gargled nags''  this morning, so  I’ve set the table  with all my comforting luscious hugs.’’
 It is cooking, sanitation and proper nutrition that go hand in hand. I took Food Preparation and Sanitation course in Kwantlen University, Richmond BC with the Vancouver Coastal Health in 2011. I have learned Proper Food Handling, Food Safety, and Sanitation Practices.
 I am very much concerned about hand washing, food temperature, high degree of cleanliness and personal hygiene and the like in the kitchen to ensure that food is uncontaminated and safe to eat.
If there’s a chance  to celebrate birthdays in a garden, a picnic in your veranda, and have a family bonding while experiencing the nature’s best  that kept you blessed and in bliss, then let it happen. The moment of happy seasons and bountiful  reasons.
Cooking for me is not just a job nor a hobby. It is an art that calls for  hearty celebration. The true menu of happiness are done with all the love and passion.
Whenever my husband cooks for me, I always tell him  ‘’ thank you, you are always giving me home’’.
Here are some of my kitchen foodie creations that you might as well love to serve to your partner, family, guests and friends.
At times I am on a trip, I make sure I have added something interesting for  my tummy. When I was in Canada, I love attending Greek, Spanish, Persian, Indian  and Filipino Festivals showcasing their  food and delicacies. I also enjoy watching culinary shows like ‘’Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Michael Bourdain: No Reservation and Cake Boss.
  I taste foods. I capture methods. I experiment fusions. I cook myself.
 It was during my high school days when I discovered I have the passion for cooking. I used to collect Del Monte Kitchenomics Recipes.  It was my mother who influenced me  in cooking. Her ‘’laing’’ ( taro leaves cooked with coconut milk, fermented fish, and red chilli  for a spicy kick), igado , adobo, sinigang ( seafoods, meat or vegetables stewed in tamarind, tomato -adding a sour taste) and rice cakes are really the best. That’s how I learn kitchenomics and cookery.
Cerian Ramen. Why I usually serve  ramen during our family gathering? It was 2007 when I had a stopover in the land of Sakura. Japan. I tried their combination of tonkutso and shōyu ramen with various toppings. Oh wow, a comfort food and hearty soup!

It’s broth and noodles are simply the best for your mouth to tummy treats.  Add corn, leeks, onions, bean sprouts, ground pork, cabbage, sesame seeds, white pepper, and chopped garlic.

Flavorful  mixing makes a memorable gathering!

Ceri Serial Bak Chang and Vege-roast ( My version of Taiwanese Savoury Rice Dumpling. It is quite difficult to wrap it in the original pyramid shape, so I used banana leaves for easier wrapping. I hope I can master it.

View this video link for the ingredients  and  method of cooking. http://yinhomemade.blogspot.com/2010/12/bak-chang-savoury-rice-dumpling.html

Steamed Pompano or vermiculated spinefoot fish (Malaga in our town Anda, Pangasinan) and Indian Salad. (Tilapia or Talakitok can be a substitute)

I prepared this meal for my husband one Thursday afternoon. This can be a serving for two. The tangy taste of the Indian salad will compliment the creamy rich fish you’ll love to have over and over again. You can have it  with mashed potatoes or yam.

TROPICAL FRUIT FIESTA. Prepare  sliced or cubed mangoes, papaya, lemon, pineapple, watermelon and bananas.  You may add cucumbers or carrots to add color. Try to spread artistry on your tray!

PoCocoDew. Blended half seedless and peeled ponkan, young  coconut meat and coco juice, honeydew.  Then put some ice cubes.  You can add a  teaspoon of honey. Now, you’re ready for a zesty and thirst quenching fusion.

( All photos are credited to my kitchenmate and loving husband-Bryann )



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