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The insects’ scream, the soft noise of the wind and it pleasantry to the ear has propelled the dance of the leaves, sands and flowers in the garden. The waves of many lakes, rivers, seas, oceans could not resist dancing to the rhythm produce from the noisy songs and splashes at nights. These were the peaceful thought in Lade’s head as she felt her goo sweat drop down slowly from her face, she could listen deeply to the silence and suspense that featured in the air, she felt an abrupt coldness running through her arms. Her sort for calmness was almost impossible, also the thought of her punches, kicks in the air against the invisibles came as a flash light again, she began to play every scene in her head, her dancing with the woods, nights when the insects sang songs to her and how the rhythmic silence of the lake drums in her head. She remembered the dance at the beach when the sand protected her at every rolling skill, jumps and kicks she produces from the sound of waving sea that breaks to the shore. She had convinced herself sometimes ago that it’s time to abound after so much rehearsal and she listened to the stealthy voice, and sometimes, she had wondered how she came this far, though she knew the last words of her mum on that hospital bed has been a key of motivation for her, she guard those words jealously, she spoke them calmly “to be a champion, believe in yourself and do the best in what you love doing “.  She gave full consciousness to her environment again as the presenter announced in his husky voice, The winner is ………………

The silence in the air became more deafening, the beats in her heart suddenly began to grow faster, she gave in to the pressure that almost overwhelmed her since she made it to the final five persons, and now she is amid the final three. She found strength from where she could not phantom against her nervousness, and to find a calm relief, she murmured continuously to herself “I gave my all to this” 
And the winner is ……….

Thomas Lade!.  Her eyes widen as she screamed out inaudibly. At a point she couldn’t belief until the camera flashes came all over, the people saying peaceful wishes to her and mild kisses, it’s like a magic, she burst out tears, she looked up, thank you mum! Your words are true, she spoke to the heavens.



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