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Any dance is likely to be a story expressed by movements. The rhythms of life are reflected in body movements which can express mood, feelings and emotions. All nations have been creating their national dances for centuries. Most dances have become international. Dance is a kind of art which combines rhythms and melodies. Each movement is the expression of a person's spiritual condition. Music is guiding these movements to create a life's story. Balllet has always been combination of music, art and literature. Waltz is poetry with musical sounds and movements. The rhythms of life can find their reflection in any dance. Tango is like a love story. Its lyrical spirit is bound to the movements born to be sunlit dreams. Any dancer is not only a performer but a dreamer as well. A viewer will probably understand which story is told by a dancer with his or her movements. The rhythms of dance are likely to be bound to the rthythms of life. All nations have their own folk dances which have been surviving for many centuries. They have been passing them from one generation to  the other generation. Classical and modern dances are the same rhythms of life. The beautiful art of dance has always been on the roads of mankind. Music gives its wings to both songs and dances. The viewer not only watches the dance but he or she reads a romantic or a philosophical script in this dance as well. That's true, the rhythms of life can be found in the movements of every dance.



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