SONGSOPTOK: How and why did you choose dancing as a career?  What specific things would you like for people to know about your chosen career?

SONALI  PUPU:  I did not choose dance.It was the other way round. My parents both hummed various songs,especially classical bandish and rabnidra sangit almost unconsciously through out the day. Early morning, dad,a disciple of Pandit Gyanprakash Ghosh,also a guru to many of his students started his tabla riwaj.Even on office days rhythm didn't stop.It felt delicious to wake up to that Taal.often I climbed down from bed bleary eyed and started dancing. Nobody had taught me that dance.It came from within.

By career I am a doctor, dance is a part of my breathing itself.It is part and parcel of my essence, my soul.

SONGSOPTOK: What advice would you offer to someone just new to this field?

SONALI  PUPU:  Practice til you drop from exhaustion. practice till you cry from pain.Never stop riwaj.
My gurus have taught me that way.

SONGSOPTOK: What are some of the common errors or misconceptions people have about dance as a career choice?

SONALI PUPU:  People, especially those hankering for lime light think a beautiful figure snd appealing appearance would fill the stsge easily. Some minor movements wil do.

SONGSOPTOK: How would you describe your typical work week?

SONALI  PUPU:  Start the day with dance riwaj. Finish household chores.visit my patients,finish scheduled ot if any,attend rehearsals of the dance troop Saargam,where I choreograph the dance shows. Then back to evening chamber and home.

SONGSOPTOK: How many hours do you set aside for your own practice, stage show rehearsals, choreography and costume selection?

SONALI  PUPU: Nowadays, hardly  2 hours.

SONGSOPTOK: Is there anything you strongly like or dislike about your dance career?

SONALI  PUPU:  Wasting of precious time during the! childhood of my kids due to household opposition. However once after five years my kids started dancing, my husband once again encouraged me to go on stage. You see,it is a boon in my life that my partner had always beena. admirer of my dance.

SONGSOPTOK: Should there be any age limit for beginners in dance? If you have adult students, can you tell us what they expect to gain from their lessons?

SONALI  PUPU:   I have taught students of all ages.If the Guru is competent as my Gurus have been,especially  my Great teacher shri Ramgopal bhattacharya,learning dance would be fun and fascinating for all agegroup. Children are more flexible physically. But adults even at fifty and above with their intelligence and experience of life,can convey the expressions much better and learn choreography nuances faster.
Dance is the joy of life,it is addictive for all ages

SONGSOPTOK: Dance has the ability to offer its participants and spectators a religious experience. Do you agree? If so tell us how and why? What do you think about antagonism to dance in some religions?

SONALI  PUPU:  Dance portrays all the Nava rasa intensely. It can convey and induce divine feelings,lust,obscenity, any thing.Depends on the artist and/or the choreographer.

SONGSOPTOK: Do you agree that a dancer can convey intangible emotional experiences as strongly as verbal communications? Do you agree/disagree that dance can lead to altered states of consciousness?

SONALI  PUPU:  Dance is much stronger a medium for communication. And ofcourse it alters our state of consciousness.

SONGSOPTOK: Technique is what you fall back on when you run out of inspiration. (Rudolf Nureyev) Do you agree with this quote?

SONALI  PUPU:  Thank god, I haven't runout of inspiration yet.So I wouldn't know.


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