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We here will begin with a definition of what Religion is considered as being a specific set of beliefs about deity which may contain rites and rituals, a code of behavior and worldview on life and death. Among  some of the major ones practiced are Buddhism , Shintoism, Hinduism, Taoism/Confucianism , Judaism , Islam , Wicca or Neo paganism just to name a few of the major ones being utilized today . Why so many and what are their origins or beginnings. It is apparent that along with the spread of humanity around the globe there is a ingrained need for spirituality and for guidance in the affairs of life . With such diversity among them all how can they exceed the number of nations and races that actually inhabit the earth?        

The question many currently living ask is why, and has become a new field of endeavor in the scholastic community. As apparently many have asked over millennial years prior. It is tangible that from the beginning that men have thought about , communicated and with the ability to pen , the whole of mankind in every nation , no matter how small has espoused , embraced and or enforced some ideological imperative as a basis to conform their lives. Many of us have set about since our earliest cognitive years to explore these traditions as they have been handed down through the centuries. My own personal quest notwithstanding , has met , failed and mastered "some truth" and has perhaps followed the same course as many in my own time as well as in other times , that "rituals" matter little , but " character " matters much .
The educational system here is attempting to eliminate any study in this area until one reaches the collegiate levels and as in the area of philosophical treatise .But many of us maintain that introduction to law, morality , and character development must begin as the reasoning ability and intelligence level of our progeny progresses. If we are to consider  belief , faith , and worship , then to what should we apply them , what  ideological teaching should we honor and ascribe to as a standard that can be applied to all humanity equally without favoritism or discrimination. As humanity's rulers vary greatly as to what they think YOU should give your "allegiance and obedience" we might take a little closer look at the things to which we give assent. What tenets, dogmas, fundamentals and teachings should you honor, venerate or adore. Those handed down to you by tradition, are you allowed to question or explore their validity.

Are they "black and white" commands, or principles that allow for a Fluid development of the persons that allows us to grow into validly Enlightened beings.
In the exploration of those considered to be some of the finest and most far reaching teachers that have acquired followers to the final culmination of becoming the "source" of a number of religions, to what practical application in this life can they effect? How did they become that very thing they were attempting to eliminate, the obedience to flawed ideological imperatives. How has what they taught morphed into some the very things they stood against, Why the attempt by others to enforce them as the final standard to which we should bend our wills. So while I myself do bow my thought , will and considerations to a particular ideological imperative that I consider obligatory and crucial , sooner or later one has to confront the question , how did I get to a place where I have faith that what I practice and believe is as equally beneficial for others as well as for myself. Do I have a right to exact others to think and live as I do. In fact as a follower of a specific teacher, do I practice what he teaches. If others look at what I think, believe, place my faith in will they see it as wholly reliable, practical, and beneficial when applied fully in any daily living. So while I myself glorify one particular Teacher over all the others, what the others have that are "common threads" to which the nations, and peoples might all be in agreement.
Looking at some of those considered great leaders and teachers; The "Buddha" born a prince among his people, found the conditions of his country deplorable, it's poverty, it's injustices and sought for solutions to the "real life" problems it's inhabitants, not some illusory far off "Nirvana" but real, right now answers to address those issues and the questions of "why" they existed so extensively everywhere. Muhammad, who found the idolatry and moral depravity to be equally egregious and attempted himself to find more practical solutions to the same plagues of rampant poverty , injustice that surrounded him. Confucius, a teacher, writer, and politician had many of the same concerns with social injustice the most common disease in every nation. Is attributed to cataloging many aphorisms (proverbs) his own teaching rejected then "officially sanctioned some time later , but all those mentioned were rejected and then later sanctioned and their teachings collected and compiled well after their death and not during their own lifetimes, but a good deal of time later. How did they become part and parcel of new traditions and belief sets by those professing to be followers? How indeed did they become "new religions" that morphed from already existing ones? Indeed many of these mentioned have also been altered by those constituents into a variety of sects whose beliefs may vary greatly. Though these they have morphed from earlier practices and religions that were the traditions handed on to them.

Those of us who have undertaken a serious study have found the same inequities have followed the one whom we consider "The greatest Teacher who ever lived" , rejected by those to whom he was born, then sanctioned by professing followers and found to have more diverse sects of beliefs than any of the others. We like all others need to examine closely what these have become , if the followers truly follow, to what agendas or intentions many have the fallen victim, and what if any, can become real working solutions to the ongoing problems afflicting all of humanity. 
It is truly apparent that the need for reliable guidance to develop the kind of character in humans that will effectively change the course of destructive behaviors into constructive ones. Ones that will alter the inequities that plague humanity, the pollution's that are destroying all life around us as well as our own ideological environment. Mankind's search for God , for Truth , for an ideology will  unite them for good, that will elevate the ability to reason , that will effectively crush injustices , that will glorify life is truly needed . Whole books have been written about Mankind's search for God, for good , for love for the true enrichment of our lives. As children of "lesser Gods" can we find the one that excels all the others, as there are gods many and ideas many and doctrines enough to fill more books than mankind can read in a lifetime. Are there things taught worth dying for, or allegiances from which there is no turning back? The book of instruction to which I appraise more highly than any other not three chapters into it we find the struggle between good and evil leveled at our own very consciences and the denial of those who believe any such thing exists and the "right to choose" . There is no attainment of enlightenment without a heart that seeks for the welfare of all, the desire for the enrichment of all , that equalizes all , that cares for all . So are we really seeking a religion or are we seeking for understanding? Are we children willing to put the theorems to the test as well as those who elevate themselves as the masters of such? What would you do if you found the "greatest teacher who ever lived”, and an ideology that is flawless? While I put these questions out there for consideration, I'm only suggesting avenues in which to make your own searches. Religion has been found wanting, Science has been found wanting, Philosophy has been found wanting, the governments of the world have been found wanting . Where will you look to find the answers to all the questions that you will encounter during your own lives. Where will you find information that will help you become all that of which we were designed to be capable. That will free you from enslavement to ideology that is destructive not only to others but yourself as well? That will transform your thinking and your whole perspectives about Life? Who can guide you into "all truth" in every field that mankind can explore? 

as simply as Bob Dylan put it

I'm not the one you want, babe
I'm not the one you need
You say you're lookin' for someone
Who's never weak but always strong
To protect you an' defend you
Whether you are right or wrong
Someone to open each and every door
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me, babe
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe.

That my companions and confidants is something you will
all have to seek on your own , even Jesus taught in
parables in order to get his disciples thinking . I can
only collect data , share data , discuss data and then
I myself have to act on that data ..So make superabundantly
sure , You have all the facts , test the theorems , test
the teachers , and the goalposts in sight . I will throw
the ball but you will have to catch and carry your own selves.



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