SONGSOPTOK: It seems that fear is the most important primal instinct in the animal world. The two main manifestations of fear in the human society is centered around two entities: God(s) and Demons. We somehow learn to fear ghosts and spirits at a very early age and remain marked by that fear later in life. What is your personal experience? When did you start fearing ghosts and for what reasons?

RANIA: At first it was a fear for something i had heart but it was unseen like 'eyes without a face'! Later on growing up in the countryside i had adjust myself with the shadows of the trees,the sounds came from the forest,the echo from the mountain and made them a part of my life!"There are souls everywhere "I was thinking to persuade myself not afraid but to accept that i wasn't alone with ghosts waiting on me around!There were souls surrounded me to share the forest,the mountain,the long walks..so i accepted and overcome my fears!

SONGSOPTOK: Very often adults try to control the tantrums of children by threatening them with ghosts and spirits. Do you remember any such incident when you were very young? In your opinion, do such methods have a permanently negative effect on children? In what way?

RANIA: Yes they frequently do that in order to control the child's behaviour instead of spending time to explain! I remember my mother opening the window in the smal city of vaxjo in Sweden where i was born and grow up and shows me a chimney on the opposite building waiting a cobra goast if i didn't finish my lunch! (She didn't know my later struggle to loose weight! Let's give some fun to our interview)!! Of course these methods cause negative effect on children's phycology preventing them sleeping well at night or staying alone at home for a while.In addition they lack in self confidence in many cases!

SONGSOPTOK: Not only do we frighten children with ghosts, we often entertain them with ghost stories. When children learn to read, grown-ups often try to incite them to get into the habit of reading by buying ghost stories. What do you think of this practice?

RANIA: It depends the way we present the story. Yes there are perfect entertaining colourful cartoons playing the role of a tree's soul,an animal's soul very friendly with a benevolent character ctearing positive feelings to each child.The idea that there are souls around us is well known.Through this gentle way we give to our children information about different type of life without cause fears.

SONGSOPTOK: Adolescence is normally the period when we start asking questions about different things. Did you start asking questions about the existence of ghosts? Will you share the details with us?

RANIA:  Yes I remember myself not only asking but looking for into books and magazines.It was my curiosity to learn about about to what i have heart.I always asked if my dead dog became a ghost and could meet it if i stayed all night long waiting on him to visit me.The same with my favourite rock singer Elvis Prisley who died.I was an early teenager!

SONGSOPTOK: It is true that most of us like reading or watching films about ghosts, spirits or mysterious phenomena. Do you enjoy these things too? Can you think of a specific story or a film that really thrilled you? Do you have any favorite writers of this genre?

RANIA:  I confess I prefer going to the theatre becouse it's the direct touch the audience have with the stage and the actors.I prefer to enjoy the reality in the way it is.Ghosts and spirits belong to the world of fantasy.I only use this fantasy world writing my poems only in the way to creat positive feelings about life today and tomorrow.

SONGSOPTOK: Many of us think that science still has to go a long way to explain everything that we experience on earth. Science has enlightened us about a lot of things, but there are certain areas that can be considered as the twilight zone – the breeding place for the uncanny and the preternatural. What are your thoughts about this?

RANIA::Science of course has enlightened us about things and improved our life!But there are many things that life and the universe would like to keep them for themselves.Both have the power and we must show respect.

SONGSOPTOK: We find it difficult to accept that nothing remains after death, which often leads us to imagine the supernatural. We are naturally attracted to what lies beyond the known everyday world. What is your opinion about this? Do you think that everything ends with death? Or is it because since we don’t really know that we oscillate between belief and doubt?

RANIA:  Nothing is for sure!Only our mother Nature knows.Whether it's the one or the other i personally believe and trust life.She will find the suitable way for each one of us to join the death or life after the death.

SONGSOPTOK: Almost all societies believe that the entities that exists in the realms that are beyond our understanding and our sensory perceptions possess an immense amount of power. But the capacity of humans is limited. So why does humans believe that the souls of the dead are immensely powerful? What, according to you, is the reason for this?

RANIA:  Beacouse people have the need to believe in something more powerful than an ordinary person.And due to this luck of capasity they feel impressed with the idea of the dead's soul to be powerful in the same way with themselves when they die.

SONGSOPTOK: As we grow more and more dependent on science and technology, it is possible that our belief in the supernatural will grow weaker with time. In that sense ghosts and other entities are likely to have a very dark future indeed. But wouldn’t that deprive us of a whole range of feelings and emotions? Wouldn’t we become poorer in our sensations? What is your opinion?

RANIA: Of course not!There are numerous ways to enrich our sensations such as listening to music,enjoying the arts of painting,poetry,sculpture,sharing our free time with people discussing daily life,travelling a lot and meeting new cultures.So let the ghosts in their dark world and meet the bright colourful side of life!

RANIA ANGELAKOUDI:  Lives in Greece. She was born in vaxjo a small town in Sweden and wished to be a painter. She has studied everything about great painters. She has studied English literature and language in university. Which has  helped her to meet the famous British Poets. In combination with the Greeks created her own poetic path receiving many international and national awards.The most important is the current nomination of ICON OF WORLD PEACE announced in October 2016 from World Institude for peace organisation.

We sincerely thank you for your time and hope we shall have your continued support.
Aparajita Sen



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