For so long she has been a caterpillar wrapped here in the dark
Her only real connection to this life the sound of her beating heart
The cocoon woven of fragile threads that reflect only her fears
Unable to see past the opaque walls her future becomes unclear

Oh but time has found her and the wheel it continues to turn
For the creator knew her destiny and she had so much to learn
Imagine the glare on awakening eyes when she steps from the night
Spreads these wings in joy unbound and finally takes off in flight

Faith has carried her beyond her wildest dreams in this land
She is tossed on gentle winds as her heart flies truly free again
Who would have thought this illness would become her saving grace
Would lift her spirit beyond these shores and dance her into space

Though time is short she has no regrets for she is in wonder lost
No regrets a soul that touches heaven's grace is ever worth the cost
For as long as she can catch this peace of air under her wings
She will be an angel whose heart is light and whose soul forever sings


I'm not looking for a vision of true love based in fantasy
But a heart that in compassion vested sees all the best in me
I don't require a soul that wears an ethereal cloak of perfection
For I can see through the veil and I'm in need of a deeper connection

Not here to play a part on a stage or fill a dreamers role
I search only for the kindred spirit whose light reflects my soul
I am sometimes bound in insecurities and built of all these flaws
But the inner me believes in the glory of a higher cause

I wear proudly the lines that time has etched upon this visage of mine
Long to find a companion who can dance with me under starlit skies
One who will grow old with me as sunset falls upon this dance
A gentle soul with a gift for acceptance willing to take a chance

On a heart that bears the burden of the scars that darkness wrought
Who gets easily lost at times in her minds eternal train of thought
I am a collection of all the things that made me who I am today
Want to be seen thru the eyes of love in a kind soul who will always stay


In every life the winds of change blow
Where they'll take us only heaven truly knows
But if we look closely there is a guiding star that leads us with its glow
So let go of false expectations
Have faith in the beauty of cosmic connection
Shine your souls radiance there as though it were starlights reflection
There will be days that bring us down
Only to remind us of the beauty we have found
To make the days when we touch the heart of wonder seem more profound
Let go the regrets of what cannot be
In faith reach out for the hand of eternal destiny
Let your heart be the instrument that joins your song to perfect harmony
Remember that the dance will not last
For this moment on times wheel spins by so very fast
Let today be the epitome of all the truths that you have gained in the past
Listen to your heart it knows the way
Never be afraid to let the song in your soul play
Its echoes will be the memory that will carry on when the stars call you away



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