The Prisoner of His Conscience

He was very poor and he decided to marry a rich woman.
He got money but, in time, he has become a  sad man.
To live a life without children they had a perfect plan.

One day, he saw a widow walking down the street; 'It's late',
He told her calmly and asked her to save him from his sad fate.
He didn't know why he felt to touch her while trying to get a date.

He was surprised when she confessed her crying coeur
About being a mother of three children and being very poor.
She had to work as a housemaid at a loudmouthed boor.

He understood her suffering and to help her was his concern.
He talked with her about giving and getting nothing in return.
He thought never to dishonor her acting to help her raise her children.

''I've left the love of my life to marry a woman I do not love.
I'm so unhappy,'' he told her while looking at  the stars above.
He said that he had tried to divorce wanting the whole world to rove.

He wanted to love the widow and to take care of her needs.
Certainly, he would become an adoptive father of her kids.
He told her, ''when I see that you suffer, I can't I let down my eyelids.''

His wife didn't want to divorce, but she left him on his demand.
He married the widow and found their fate in a far away land,
After committing the suicide, his first wife was found on the sand.

He went to her funeral, but her death couldn't be subjected to annoyance.
He has begun to scream releasing something deeper and fierce
Without his wish, he released the prisoner of his conscience.

 Marieta Maglas


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