I stopped looking for you
in the glorified Scriptures
so I can see
Past, Future, all Present in you!
The invisible one who can see
the Eye of my Eye
and not the Mind of my Mind,
but the Heart of my Heart!...
You are so different from unknown
yet!... so very well known,
"infected" by Infinitude
giving justice to the silence of the Truth!

No meta-logic...... not extra-language....
You rose above the canons of False and True,
passing through the song and rhythm
of your own life, while Infinity
found shelter in the depths of your eyes.

You wear my Being..... as I do yours.....
duo souls..... but we named them as one!
You are the One within the multiples
reflected in thousand dips of everlastingness...

I closed my eyes..... not to hold, but behold you
and speak to your multitudes in the name of one
about the history of futures residing inside your breaths...

No more citadels of doubts
in these lofty peaks of mysteries
You are either my distance or my proximity,
a sentient Being inside my listener's Eye
as you died plenty of deaths of your Self.

I finally empty my Self..... so LOVE can enter
and accompany each of your breath,
recurring in both of your Presence and Absence!

I am the singer of your song
and the lyricist of your Life!...

Only YOU remain!...
the rest.....is IT!.....


A blue albatross has just killed Me,
As I have not paid my Heart's fee!....
Novocain songs start playing a lullaby,
Complicated demands turn into a melody,
With contradictions spinning 180 degree...

A story without words builds my History,
With empyrean dreams and all the fantasy.
While an elegy of peonies sings serenely,
My Life's adverbs change the sense of clarity,
And converted nouns pleading to be sung in harmony,
With fluorescent beauty inside the Universal memory...

I empty myself on the pages... labeled as Destiny,
And I find each morpheme in perfect poetry...
I talk raw and unedited about my Life's allegory,
Looking for Future tenses... an effort in futility...

Rhetorically speaking, I see my past unreal Reality...
I am wanted in fractions!... Without the depths of Me!...

This is the Story which belongs to Me!...
Monochromatic Me... left in reverie...
Wondering behind my face... and proximity...

Just a quotation remains from my own Bibliography,
... And my numerical values in perfect symmetry...

I exist from the top of my Story!... It is meant to BE!...


In my dream
I reinvent myself within your mind
to change the rhyme of our hearts
with no stories from forbidden times...

In my dream
Your Name is prescribed differently
within this bending staged Reality,
with new intervals and beginning without ends...

In my dream
verses are submerged in talismanic memories,
my fingers skate over your face in poetic curves
defined by white spaces and silenced tear drops...

In my dream
I craft future tenses in red sung symphonies...
my poetry flows through your iris, labeled as Destiny!
A Life overture of multiple psalms and whispered blisses!

In my dream
I recite your thoughts like a requiem of me
not being just a quotation of your own biography,
a story mirrored by sentences and lost reveries.

In my dream
I have no nights to steal, but just assumed absences,
with forgotten Scriptures read by an unknown hand,
and silences between us are renamed piece by piece.

In my dream,
our Love is placed no more in parenthesis...
we martyr ourselves in each other's kisses.

I will be here.... as I was... in the future!


I found a clandestine translation
between our hearts...
with coagulated rhythms
of thick lines of Reality...

You and Me...
no more conjugated by a verb,
no more nouns
pleaded to be sung,
no more chorus
to fill the empty line...

My wings cannot fit,
into your story,
and my eyes stopped
describing the sound
of your body...

All you needed
was to conjugate
my 17 syllables...
so, your shadow
will not grow
under my shadow...


The Time reset again its clock!
Exiled stars echoed on the insides,
pleading for my Nouns to be sung!...

The Time reset again its clock!
And memories are lost between dialogues,
Still... my Heart hangs on your five syllables!...

The Time reset again its clock!
Breaking my essence in thousand mirrors,
"Being" and "To Be" lost its Conjugation!...



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