A little piece of a token
Could be sent in
To churn out a rhyme
Or a pleasant melody
To humanity made manufactured
To some form of a crude art –
Woes impart
To make the amazing quality
Of the jukebox in motion
Sink in –
Cut forth to the swings
Of life in its
Very art –
As the coin box
Takes in
One of the little tokens
To the greatest fragment
Of a dream
One could ever spend their life
Wishing on.
This piece of
Gold tuppence
Could wring my life around
The very end
To have days spent
In greater tunes,
Where the coin box
Takes in
Another thrill of a time
To where life holds subliminal truth,
Brought to
The afterlife
Of my days.

See my life
To the brushing winds
Of moments spurred
In truthful measures
To light up the days,
For another chipped piece
In the coin box
Would mean
A reality dazed
Or drenched
In a repetition of days spent
To sort out the pleasant mistakes
That go at a time.

2014 ©

Woes got captured
In this little piece
Of a manufactured form
Of crude art –
Sent to the best of the tears,
As one token got spent,
And the rest got kept
In shillings that drape it all
Humanity imparts
Its woes on
The coin box –
Where the settlement
Left to that pure glory
Of a sunburn chance
To rave and prance
About in my days.

Where love again –
Got manufactured and sent
To a token spent
In a pound of truth –
Where life got its goods
To the stuff
Made fine –
So drape it fine,
As fine as the work from scratch
Made to look like that –
When woes speak to truth,
And lies speak to pure happiness
Spread about in the nicks
Of a life,
Born right to the ‘gabe,
Knabed true.
Send the tuppence
To a love-moment spent,
In a greater manufacture
Of the purest times –
In human life –
Put to the coin box’s strife,
Of all the life
To heal the pain.

Reality ropes in
To send another tuppence
Brought fine
Like a dime in the street,
Of a May-fairer’s will,
Tilled –
To the life of today.

Token spent,
Token sent,
Love the things that go
At a time,
In purer faith;
Where faith does it fine,
To finest reasons

2015 ©

Tip in a coin
And see where the life
Pulsates out to the winds:
To the woes of the life
Perched on the sparks of the cherry-tree
Or to the love sent in amazement
To reap true art to splendour,
Twists of the tongue,
Candy gun –
Whatever more shall these tokens be
To set aside the watch
For a day gone wrong,
In tokens lost –
All lost in a song.
Take reality
Out to a fragment,
See life sent
At its peak,
Where tokens and tears
Shall place
The same manufacture of a crude art –
To the best stations
Coined by the box.
Jukebox –
Light up the song,
Light the pyres to the songs set
Far out in beautiful streaks
Up the melodies of the sky;
As the sky-lit faith
Pours dreams to jukeboxes gold,
Sent to a real love in gloom;
Or in glory –
Not anyone shall know,
But shall drift
The grey light.

©VIXEN 2014


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