Unknown | 8/15/2015 |


You have unfailingly demonstrated your love

      every law     supporting      our galaxy

is so      harmonious      that this

little blue paradise      could not exist

      every      thread      and       movement

so precise      we can measure

its movements right down to atomic levels

All so         this small space

could provide          everything         anyone

who had           any appreciation

might understand that we have

      been provided abundantly          every delight

in the way         of plans          for a Utopia

      Yet the movements      of every ruling body

of science         religions         governments          corporations

      seem bent         on destruction

tampering      with the finesse      of precision

      incorporated      in the molecules      of life

Continuous self reproduction      and regeneration      in nature

right down to making           “seeds who self destruct”

      to make nature          exactly as themselves

I divorce publicly          these unions of violence

demonstrated in their every thought and deed

      poisonous words          poisonous chemicals

totalitarian ideology          pandemic to

the leaders           of these factions

      warring with each other          hoarding the

wealth       of a planet       given freely to

      the father of our species

And if you don’t believe that

          then think nature gave it freely

of her every fruit         produced by her ground


who delight in the peril      and fall

of your own family

      who know not          nor recognize

your own worth      or the worth

of everything          and          everyone around you

No , but you      fall at the feet

admiringly of all               these mongrels

          the media who worship

          these fine movers and shakers

who roll      right over you      and think

you should be trained groupies

these men          who kill your planet

          with ideologies and philosophies

whose very design          is to denigrate

your worth          and exalt themselves

Therefore       I will exalt      in your instruction

          the progenitor of life       for as surly

as we examine          the work of life

      we are moved      by its abundant wealth

freely shared      with all who live on this little rock

to examine          why we all are unable

to fluently          live          within its confines

I think I will not walk off the cliff today

gravity is my friend if I know her rules




I saw a thousand          things today
powerless to impact but in little way
millions of children no meal will eat
but we can’t decide    upon which treat

There is no water to drink     that’s clear
weapons and bullets            so many have fear
the leaders of religions their children molest
praise their God and commit            incest

Against this system            so many swear
to effect its changes way to few dare
cars and houses with sensual delight
clouds that clarity to do            what’s right

Countless lives           passed through history
too many cannot define      it’s mystery
bodies rocking their prayers to the wind
wondering when will         their suffering end

Those that are weak       the predators prey
using excuse          that they are built that way
Babylon rides            the back of the Beast
we have been deceived                from greatest to least

Even those who carry the             true Gods name
have put            the teaching of Jesus to shame
they have put good for evil           and evil for good
accuse those who tell truth            that its falsehood

Twenty thousand children      one religion confess
fathers and elders with rape cause duress
the numbers are too minuscule I fear
this number is only two continents              I hear

With pleasure and entertainment            buried our mind
but our choice and voice our actions define
politicians and merchants and news forecasters
religious leaders whose influence           are masters

But the finest teacher                  of recorded time
confessed the Truth taught what’s divine
asked all mankind to consider his word
till your decisions and choices               prove you’ve heard

The finest qualities             displayed among men
could all them             be found in him
yet not one among     mankind have I found
the depth of him       can equal abound

No life      has any true power
without its commitment          to good in its hour
I saw a thousand things        in my mind today
like a moving picture             on permanent display

Matthew  12:3-21    15:1-20
Matthew 23
Jude  1: 12-15




A thousand myriad voices           scattered on the wind
decry the human suffering questions will it end
tents in desert dust bowls        waiting upon the rain
lives molded in emptiness     how long can they sustain

Pandemic the diseases          a viral biology
man himself constructed          in tubes technology
outpouring chemicals     no plant life can escape
pillaging our resources         our planets incumbent rape

The corporations interest    aim profits in their greed
a force it must maintain             your pocket book exceed
desires  that are mercenary    have plans to you expunge
trash outstrips the landfills     the poor in countries plunge

The maintenance of property     with empty homes in rot
homeless children hungry   sleep in a parking lot
media insinuates                     you need be owning more
earning of the dollar          the dream you’re living for

I have seen starvation          exists a different kind
a famine of affection     to others needs be blind
hedonistic pleasures          force decisions to ignore
repercussions down the road     contaminates hardcore

The disappearing species          on land and in the sea
ones  we’ve not discovered   may know them never be
chem. caused deformities               in humans also plants
cancer causing agents    saturating our advance

Facilities  explosions            toxic substances are spread
how much can nature take                 before our planets dead
we all have mankind’s mind     we know where this will end
to destruct this machine                on man we can’t depend

Aspartame and PCB’s     nitrites not a few
pollution of the food supply        detriments not new
the really scary thing           as this accumulates
greater will its impact be       if prevention waits

As mans wars continue        a plan for our demise
we barely see the surface        that our governments disguise
there’s a conspiracy      our morality to drown
if you hold to virtue                  their aim to take you down

In streaming videos          what’s immoral implant
willingly absorb them            its profession is extant
the onslaught overwhelming          the pressure to conform
if you don’t run with them        you aren’t considered norm

The barrage of information           to absorb your time
new gaming now is free        to keep your mind online
even I use this tool         to reach inside your thought
every truth you hear            is seeking to be caught

here little there little           every piece in place
to clean up our planet     must destructive thought replace
errors inclination       mans  programming like a map
where is the intervention        to spring us from this trap



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