We're not in a hurry to go somewhere,
we will have all the time we need to get right there,
because we know for sure where we want to go
- but it might be better if we take it slow

it doesn't matter how much time we'll need:
We might have some troubles to face,
so focus on the goal - there is no need for speed

It's not important to go fast,
it is more important for the reached goals to last:
We don't want to fall back from where we've come,
so just be happy with who you've already become

Sometimes we can decide to wait a while,
it's better than to simply leave the way
- until there is enough strength to walk another mile,
we might have to rest a bit and stay

Remember that the jouney we started might be long,
so it is important to understand that - whatever we do
- in our heart we might have to learn to be strong:
We don't have to run down the path all the time through

We decided where we wanted to go;
it's totally ok to sometimes take it slow:
Time is working for us, as we by now have gotten to know,
so - whatever we decide to do - let's also use the time to grow

Lost and Found

Do you feel like you have lost your way,
that something may have lead you astray?
Don't you know where you should go,
or maybe you feel the time is too slow?

Maybe all you need to do
is change a bit your point of view:
Maybe you should find a path that's new,
for there may be some new experience for you

Maybe there was something wrong,
or you didn't even really lose your track
- maybe what you do was right all along,
so you might have to get your self esteem back

The way that is chosen by our fate
often makes it appear that it seems to be too late,
but really you still have the opportunity
to be who you always wanted to be

Just try to follow your inner light,
even in the darkest night:
In time you may be able to take flight,
because what you did has been exactly right

You may only need to follow your heart,
like you should have all the time through
If you didn't - maybe you should start,
it might make some things much better for you

Your Eyes

Your eyes seem to follow me everywhere:
It doesn't matter where I go,
I just keep seeing them somehow
- just as if you were really there

Since the first time I met you,
I keep seeing them all the time through
- even when I close my eyes,
yours keep showing me a paradise

They drag me deep down into your soul,
show me what's deep inside your core,
make me want to know you more,
make me feel like I am whole

I simply can't look away
- your eyes just make me want to stay:
They show me what you feel inside
- even the pain you'd like to hide

Your eyes show me the way to your heart
- the honesty I could always feel
They make me want to help you heal
- like they did - right from the start

I even see them even in my dreams
- they ask a thousand questions, as it seems
I'd like to know if the answers you seek are inside of me,
hidden deep inside my eyes – in what you get to see



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