Unknown | 8/15/2015 |

Hearts Collide

Angel run your hands across the warmth of my soft skin
Whisper gently in my waiting ears how this dance will begin
Trace every curve on the road to memorizing all of me
Let me glimpse thru your eyes the true heart of eternity

Let your lips lay lightly a path down this arched neck of mine
Join me here upon the grass our legs as one intertwined
I have waited for what seems like an endless eternity
For your heart to follow it's way to our ultimate destiny

Take me into your loving arms and never let me go
As I surrender to the peace of light you hath bestowed
Show me a depth of love beyond all I'd ever dreamed before
Feel my soul touch yours as we collide to our core

Take me to the most glorius heights of crescending intimacy
Sweep me away beyond the shores of my greatest fantasy
Uplift me,complete me,fill with me with your warmth inside
Fly me away on the wings of wonder to a love that cannot be denied-JK

Heaven's Knight

Every morning the battle horns will sound again
As she takes up her standard in light's defense
No matter the cry of the demon spawned shadows
Hidden behind shallow smiles and pretense

She can see them clearly through clever disguise
Is not fooled by the dance of their stygian masquerade
She has been a warrior for longer than this life
Knows how each move in this dark game is played

Though she wonders if her courage can withstand
Or if it is right in the truth of her convictions to trust
Still she cannot lay down the mantle of her vow
To forever fight on the side of all that is just

She knows not if the fight can ever be won
She knows that when her time under this sun has passed
That the war rages ever beyond the limits of ethereal time
Still she stands tall on sacred ground with bravery unsurpassed

She walks the warriors way with all the souls who dare
To stand firm in their faith of the angels of light
Dreams of a day when compassion will rule at last
A silent sentinel there she is forever heaven's knight-JK

One Love

Wear your compassion as a cloak of strength
Reflect the glory of heaven's everlasting light
Dance under the stars that sing just for you
Help other souls there to win the shadows fight

Be a living example of love's perfect image
Hold tight another broken soul that needs you
Be a shining reflection of kindness to all
Show the world that you believe in all that is true

Never let them tell you that you are not enough
For you have a place in the glory of ultimate destiny
Never let them silence the beauty in your song
For the greatest harmony requires every melody

See your place in the amazing dance of the cosmos
Stand tall and revel in the peace of creation's wonder
Wear your heart as though it were precious jewels
Be a glorious reflection of the stars that you are under

Time is but an illusion you are so much more than this
Dream big and know that in this existence we are but one
One simple soul that beats through so many hearts
Whose greater destiny of love has just begun-JK



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