I see her standing in front of the mirror
Striking her hair in fishtail
The moment she puts on a lipstick
She thinks she have just painted
Another story for a brand new day
It adds colours and sassy look
She models her scarlet veil and her crimson doll shoes
She likes the way her cup B sized bras are kept
With tags of memories of battling the battles within her battles
It is like her cry conquers the rhythms of liberty
Garlands of hopes reverberate in back to back trends
Of surviving the daily wars inside and outside
She makes her oncologist feel
She can stand and be back on her mountaineering
Her force is beyond a millionaire’s wish
Just like her, the host of outnumbered dreams
The reward is priceless- LIFE
Another life in joining miracles
When one-roofed litanies of women warriors
Trying to save the clans of goodwill and heralds of compassion
The milestone have just defined the voiceless
From the selfless
Even the yellow and pink ribbons could praise
The wakes of black and white in their deathbeds
That’s how she reflects, that’s how she fights
She displays her flag of courage
Before the billion innocents’ eyes

Because I am A Woman

A woman didn't choose to become a woman, she is a gift and a blessing.
Her gender should not be questioned, it is rather be a victorious quest,
A valuable claim for the humanity.
A woman should not be overpowered and overshadowed
with threats, with royal promises, with scammed-paid forever
from messianic, demigod’s breath
which embalms her stars to a hellish quicksand,
 fallen, sunken  to the horrible grounds, she's not a square in a round box.
She is a dreamer in her powerhouse.
She flirts with care, she is not more on logic but she just love who you are.
She can be your senses. Her sensitivity does not mean a product of her weaknesses.
She is not a possession, she believes, she is a defined generation, the best creation.
She doesn't need to own universal gravity to pull your loyalty
 She works quietly, like the oxygen in your being.
 A peaceful actress, she is no drama.
She waits for you, your meals prepared, shirts and pants ironed,
medicines checked when you are sick, she is a home nurse.
She is a suitcase of surprises, a queen for her father’s father.
 She is not getting certificates of merit and recognition in the full house,
She is a world class iron lady.
She is a woman. The puzzle-solver of the homeless.
She is a mural of love, understanding, respect, identity, talent, tolerance and strength.
Remember, you became you, because you were inside her.
She is a celebration.
 She is life.
The world needs her.
//Caroline Nazareno-Gabis a.k.a. Ceri Naz/Philippines 2015

Kisses at Ponte dei Sospiri

sailing to Venice's

bridge of bliss

trekking with grand  gondolas

while whispering

our covenant

and sing our songs

at the sunset

campaniles ringing all around
to the River of Unrequitted Love

with our love empire



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