The wolves do lope high and free

in mountainous trails and her masonry

the hallowed wood and rocky clefts

hold the dens of their hidden nests

Golden eyes pierce thickened dark

hunting prey within their park

hot breath raises mist in their flight

with urges to run in thick of night

lounging with the pack on a hill

neath the moon silent and still

The forest with all her rookery

cast eyes below to the pack they see

the cold crypt of the earth below

blood covered in splays of snow

pale ice rugs flow on ground and rocks

as the pack do run seeking the flocks

the burrow of the white wolf and her pups

upon her milk the fledgling sups

the shiver of their meal in deathly gore

lying torn apart on the forest floor

the sineous beauty of their agility

of taking prey down with ability

The dominate male and alpha mate

are always first in hunger to slate

how many priests have nature of pack

are hidden in darkness and innocence lack

looking for victims the prey that they stalk

in secret places the plans of it talk

Religion that is false will slaughter the sheep

to not be it's prey the truth you must keep

her princes are wolves ravening prey

the word of the truth they seek to stay

they would come clothed in appearance of light

but within the gown is blackness of night

With a flood of lies He seeks to deceive

and devour the hearts of those who believe

The serpent lays in the den of his mate

The Queen of Harlots , Babylon the Great

Ez. Rev. Mat 7:15-16

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC


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