SONGSOPTOK: To what extent do you practice ‘religious tolerance’? Since when (how long ago)?

MEMET ZEPPER:  If we tolerate and appreciate every individual we come across then we are already exercising religious tolerance. We have to start from the man, not from the flag on his eyelid.

SONGSOPTOK: Do you believe all religions are the same?

MEMET ZEPPER:  They all seem to know more about death than life. The fear is the same. The reward is the same. The idols differ, the table differs and the bookcase differs.

SONGSOPTOK:  In case you practice religion, do you consider all your religious beliefs to be true? What about those of others?

MEMET ZEPPER:  I have never been overcome….we all sell our selves something (philosophy) to get by…if it helps? Without intruding on others? Then fine..

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you believe that all faiths are equally beneficial and equally harmless to society?

MEMET ZEPPER:    Must be….after all  it’s the heart of man behind it all…

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you believe all religious groups are equally beneficial and equally harmless to their followers?

MEMET ZEPPER:   No one can claim hierarchy over another…

SONGSOPTOK:  Should members of any given religious group refrain from criticizing religious practices of others?

MEMET ZEPPER:   Entirely.

SONGSOPTOK:  Do you usually refrain from talking about your beliefs to others? Should you be ignoring your own religious ideas?

MEMET ZEPPER:  I don’t posses a religious mind…I talk more than I have beliefs…for I have only one belief…all men are created equal…

SONGSOPTOK: What are the different ways religious tolerance, including secularism, can help (or hurt) the demands of a complex world?

MEMET ZEPPER:  Help by communication. Hurt by no communication. If we know how to talk to each other, we shall know WHAT to love each other for…

SONGSOPTOK:  Should ‘religious tolerance’ be a part of the school curricula?

MEMET ZEPPER:  Yes… (parenting curricula?)…….

SONGSOPTOK:  Religious acceptance and bigotry appear to be the two sides of a coin (unbiased). People are equally likely to choose one over the other. Do you agree with that observation? Please explain.

MEMET ZEPPER:  It’s all about how big or small the individual feels inside


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Subhodev Das


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