Ambush Conversation With God

This is a work of fiction folks. Just happen to think of what kind of convo one would have with God during one of those rare moments. As there are ambush interviews, this one I refer to as a heavenly ambush conversation.

Feeling drowsy after reading my favorite book in my own nook, my bedroom, I suddenly dozed off to dreamland. I was awakened by a certain sharp glare and found myself in a strange, dreamy, white and blue space surrounded by floating, fluffy clouds with cherubs singing wearing their bright halos on their heads.

Entangled in my confused state, I rubbed my peepers for I still can’t figure out how did I get there. I suddenly blurted out to myself “Oh, no, am I so dead now? As in dead, my soul is in heaven?” Out of the blue, I saw an apparition, someone sitting on a golden couch as if waiting for somebody – thought to myself, well waiting for me? As if time stood still, I finally saw God’s beaming, serene countenance and after a few batting of lashes out of my hurtful eyes because of the illumination, I gathered up my guts to approach her. Yes, God is a woman, not a guy we thought of would be. “I know what you’re thinking, why am I a woman appearing before your eyes instead of a guy. It’s more than a gender thing, my child. I could like being someone everyday. Just likened to your changing clothes every so often. People should learn to look beyond the physical and focus more on inner qualities”, God spoke.

Felt astonished, I still can’t figure out how did I die – out of too much stress working my brains out? Gotten hit by a speeding car on my way home? Or have I died in my sleep this afternoon? I then replied after a momentary spacing out of my senses, “Yes and you created all of these things.” God, with a long, deep sigh uttered “Like any other manuscripts, I knew I made some typos along the way.” Of which I thought “Wow, even God is having a hard time and disappointments, too.”

“I was on the stage of my life when I have many questions swimming through my head like what is the point of engaging in these mundane things? I feel so burnt out at times, I can see no direction my life is headed for. I know you already know these things even without me telling you” I continued. “Everyone, including me have our own share of responsibilities. You, with your daily grind – work, family, friends and me with all my creation, how to keep this place and all”, God answered. “Life doesn’t give me a meaning at this point “, I whined. “Well, I’m not going to tell you the same old things. I could even give you some kind of a self storage directory  to choose one for yourself if ever you want yourself locked up first in a room so you could reflect. One day, you will just find that everything else will simply click.” She paused for a moment then continued, “Most of you think that I control everything but actually I don’t. I provide inspiration and resources for each one of you to design your own masterpiece. And it’s all up to you how.”

I then had this back track to the past imagery for a second pondering on if in my 37 years of existence have I missed a grand chance in my life. This could be then a wake-up call from God “disguised” as a dream in midday. Sometimes God talks to us in unusual ways or in simple messages we can’t easily decode most of the time for we continue to become blind or simply choose to let the blindfolds on our eyes because we are scared, cannot face up reality.

God finally said, “You create your own heaven as much as you are responsible for your own happiness. Even the tiniest of my creations are born masterpieces themselves so what more humans who are made in my own image? Most of you are worriers. Have you forgotten what I have said? That I can provide you with all things you need in this life even if you haven’t asked me yet. It’s just a matter of time and most of you aren’t patient enough or lack proper understanding. In everything that happens there is a corresponding purpose that lies beneath. Live one day at a time and cease the moment instead of worrying what tomorrow might bring. Find joy in each little thing you do each passing day and then you will know what’s your purpose in this world.”


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