She paints the most amazing pictures with her pen
Creates worlds out of nothing but the air she breathes
She will sing you a lullaby composed of her dreams
Tell you the glory of the world in which she believes

She will spin you through galaxies on gossamer wings
Dance you through the stars as they sing just for her
Take you on journeys through distant lands
Tell you fairy tales of beauty and epic wonder

But what she doesn't say speaks louder than verse
That she is a heart doomed to beat forever alone
That nature is the only place she's ever felt at home
How can words with such emotion be tied to a heart of stone

She will make you see the wonder of heaven's grace
Take you with her down all the less traveled roads
But tonight when she lays her head down to rest
She will live with the knowledge of ever dreaming alone

When you try to decipher fate's ultimate destination
Based on the beauty of a song from a wounded heart
Know that she generates the light from inside herself
Though she falls to sleep forever in the arms of dark-JK


When the angel dances she is at her most free
She remembers her souls innermost fire
She lets go the hand of illusions there
Steps into the depth of her souls desire

The warrior in her fights ever for the light
Weaving the stardust into flames against the dark
She is so much stronger than she appears
There is beauty beyond wonder that shines in her heart

When she let's go of the earth that holds her bound
She is free to burn to the music of her inner song
The glory of her angel spirit rises as though a phoenix
Forever tempered in the fire that has made her strong

She learns to dance on the blades sharp edge
Controlling the balance that has become her destiny
Can you hear the echo of starlight captured
In the heat of the song that is her truest legacy

Watch as she burns away the hand of darkness
To stand firm in the flames of her resolve there
A woman born of mystery yet with a childlike grace
A subtle shade of firey red with a peace beyond compare-JK


The board is set it's time for the game to begin
Every move is calculated and leaves no room for chance
Each pawn is played to gain her trust
The king dreams of joining her heart in dance

But the rook underestimated her ability
To understand the challenge laid
And the lonely knight ever loses ground
With each gambit in shadow played

The game is but a liquid metaphor
For she has fallen far through the looking glass
Make your next move if you truly dare
Or your fate may never come to pass

For in wonderland Alice holds the balance
And the hat's madness reigns on this stage
The game you thought you could not lose
Would require one with a true depth of courage

So make your move but beware the jabberwock
Don't believe you know the truth behind the cat's smile
You were never as close as you believed
The Queen has seen through you all the while

Don't weep when she catches you unaware
When she reveals your love was only a game
For when the Red Queen puts you in check
You'll never see the beauty of her heart again-



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