The Harlequin (Series)

*We assume that the Harlequin, a moving figure in a department store, starts to move and have a life after midnight strikes!

The Harlequin weeps,
He weeps with her
As the sun sets to a mellow tune.

“Ashes burn,
Fires sprout up from the ground!”

The Harlequin weeps
Who would have ever known
What the world could ever amount to
If only you’d know about
The Harlequin blues.

“ Rains sweep
The tremors to the dimly-lit world too.
Cracks open and

The Harlequin mopes,
He mopes
And brings life back to the footage of the doll
Whose feelings get enmeshed in greater rays of light
Painted out into beautiful reflections
Of Christmas in a patchwork
Of orange and grey,
Spreading the delightful little dance
Of snowflakes in the ground

“Hear the winds
Soften the harshness of the sounds!”

The Harlequin stays,
While the doll weeps to him
When he walks past the cases
Covered up in a round cable of courtesy,
Walking out to where the doll
Had left a note
Out to the Harlequin’s cry

“Winter treads

The Harlequin and the doll
To times
Of Orange and grey.

2014 ©

Stone Cinema

Stone cinema
Reaped in excitement, fantasy, glory, faith
And most of all amazement
To the reality turned around in a tune
So fine.

I drove my life
To stone cinema,
Where I held the most spectacular grace
To fill a page in a never-ending story line.
Amazed –
Sent to the finest heights of glory,

Flames burned high
To the stone cinema of all the touchdowns
Lighted with
The tears of the Harlequin,
Yet praised on the Doll’s
To light her misery to a sudden song
Of hope,
Forevermore on
The glory of the love

“Lights sail and fires light up the stage lights in dusky colours!”

Utterances faded
As the doll stole the image on the mirror
And drove graces to her genuine character
Defined in a drifted
Moment of faith.
Life shot the spicks of the Harlequin’s
Love, Poise, and Nightly Composure –
To a sudden fragment of
A thrilled life
In tragically beautiful movements
Stringed out
By the strummed orchestra
By the fragmentation
Of all the yelps and cries
Of the churned voices!

You are the nobility to truth,
You set the spirits free on sight
And bury the love alive!”

“Sounds fade to whispers
As winds tempered down the night!”

The Harlequin
Stood beneath the flames
And in ecstasy
Breathed words close to the doll’s relection:
“Night turns to dusk,
What shall be draped to us
Is the notion of love and truth!”
2014 ©

Dance of the Silhouettes

The madness of the turn-arounds
With nights and plights of faith
Sounded out the tears
To the Doll and the Harlequin’s
Glory of a time so dear.

“With fires of madness
The Doll raged and danced
To the six-pence song as the Harlequin
Wrought faith to his belief.”

The Harlequin steps into the light
And sees the silhouette of the Doll
That weeps in transparence.
“Why, oh why
Have you left my soul alight
To the misery of the flames
That run the rage against all of my fancies!”

The Doll’s silhouette was all that left
The Harlequin to weep and cry
Another night
In time’s disguise
To the softest hushes of the
Twirling sounds
While her body pranced
To delicate beauty -
Synchronic moves
To rhythmic times.

“Silhouettes multiplied
To the dance swayed forth to
The rhythm and pulse of the piano song!”

The weeping sounds
Place the Harlequin
To a sudden moment of stillness
And strife
As he wipes his tears tonight,
To the softest murmurs
Of the silhouette’s cry
That disappears
And bathes into the light.

“Whispers rang out in love,
As dissonances wavered
Into the air,
As cryptic silence crawled

The Harlequin then walks
To the light of the moon,
And there he stands
To bathe himself
In real definitions
To love, notion, and truth.

2014 ©
Yokeboy23 à AMAZING! J.

Stone Cinema Embrace
Stream down –
To clichéd cinema,
As the Harlequin
Brought more finesse
To a cinema stone touchdown
In the light of a time
So true.

“Raindrops fell...
As the turn of the centre-piece
Of grey smog reaped the air with light!”

The Harlequin
Drapes his cloak
To wipe tears streaming down
In the edges
Of his glory’s
Pitted life
On love, notion
And truth,
Lighting the fires
Of his virtue.

“Background lights simmered
Into little fragmented dissonances
Of a scene kept real jizzed.”

The Doll’s little twirls
Appearing in the light
Brings faith to the Harlequin’s
As her swirling dances
Bring more finesse into
The lighted scenes.

He walks to where
She pauses the dance,
Brings out a hand to touch
Her delicate face,
Then pulls out a flower
To stun her life around.

*They engage in a kiss,
Where romance
Dances the light away.

“Utterances turned into
Love-hurt whispers
As the lights and the twinkles
Faded to grey

The Harlequin drapes over
His cloak,
As both fall to an embrace
Under the dawn and grey.
2014 ©


The Harlequinn and the Doll symbolize love at first sight and the hard times of love and struggle, as they both deal with the consequences of the life they hold on together, through time’s life and love done bold. The Harlequin is a figure of bravery, truth, spirit, and wisdom, while the doll is a figure of serenity and peace. Both the Harlequin and the Doll are emblems of life, or struggle within love and fight.


Legacy of the Brave
Legacy of the brave,
Art the graces to a beloved wound;
Reaped to;
Bones –
Where stones and fortunes;
Embedded in the cryptograph –
Shall hail out;
A might fence –
To the world.
A mighty fence to hail the art;
Of the emperor’s fall –
Great withal;
Through tide and space;
And with the grace –
The facades and the times;
Shall dine –
When truth;
Goes brave with the light;
Sorrow on his lover’s face;
Melted through the snow –
And the cryptograph doth fade;
To a deity of a plight;
In the nicks of June,
Where spring blossoms –
No longer danced;
Where lives –
Where his courage –
And the mangroves that laid the beds;
Spoke –
To a virtue so strange;
Yet dearly forgotten.
The emperor did see;
How the beauty of the times –
Sped past the world of grace;
Wept fine –
As the sorrow of the wife –
Reaped a finesse so true;
Arted to the blues;
Of love and faith –
Cut to the pace;
Of the wartime –
And the lords and the streamstresses;
Did weep a merry-go round –
To a day plighted;
In times;
Of an afterlight –
Shone out;
In the grove.
2015 ©

History Left Vanquished

Nagasaki was an ancient history,
Where the bomb dropped,
The World shattered to bits;
And the glory of the rightful place –
Became known as the synchronyms of time,
Where life –
Held love to its time and space,
Buildings got left bestowed;
As the world shatters with time –
And the glory-doves left the remains;
Of a history brushed forth;
To the world in a dime;
A moment left unheard –
To Nagasaki crimes,
A spill to match.
2015 ©



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