Germany had been divided
for many years that when by
the borders were open almost only one-sided
no matter what the people were to try

a wall was built that caused much pain
because it separated families from each other
we don't want this to happen again
because we all should be as sister and brother

the time it took was very long
until the walls were torn down
because both sides felt it was wrong
the pain had never really been unknown

the moment that this wall was falling
the feelings were getting really strong
it finally came true - this long unheard calling
for being separated was feeling very wrong

The happiness when the wall was gone
when families and friends were together again
when finally this nation again was one
was a great memory that did certainly remain

October 3rd, each and every year
Germany is celebrating it's Unity
I'd like to say it loud and clear:
United is what also this whole world should be

True Love is found

The moment when everything got changed
was the moment when I got to know you
- everything in my life got reaarranged,
just as myself - through and through

My whole world suddenly seemed bright:
You were the one causing such a light,
chasing my demons very far away
- happiness and peace instead were there to stay

A feeling of finally being whole,
that you are noone I could replace
Who we are to others doesn't play any role:
Just to be at your side - no matter what you have to face

I want to be there to catch your fall,
with you I want to share it all:
because you there is less darkness around,
because while getting lost in you I'm found

With you I feel like with noone before
a feeling that I finally have found my home
I know it deep inside my core
my place should be right where you roam

I just need to say it clear
the only one I want is you, my dear
by now I really have no doubt:
you are the one I can not do without

You make me celebrate my new me,
which shows in everything I now start to do:
Open your eyes so you can see
how much I changed because of you

Festivals in my life

What makes me happy as can be
are not the festivities I get to see:
It is the cause of why they're there,
that I would really want to share

When a new life is about to start,
this would surely open my heart
When two lives are about to be shared,
it is a sign that both of them really cared

I'd like to show what I am thankful for,
because it makes me think about these things much more
I love to see peace and unity for everyone,
because I want hate between us gone

I like to see when the light's time will grow,
because I feel there is still so much to know,
when there are events we need to keep in memory,
no matter if they would make us happy

All of these are celebrations I have seen,
I have thought about them and what they mean
I deeply respect the reasons for each festivity,
for I think they may help to find something inside of me

But the moments in life that can happen each day,
spontaneous moments of happiness and love that I want to stay,
are the festivals in my life, that  I love most of all:
These are the moments I most often love to recall



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