Thought I’d like to try my hand
at poems ode’s and prose
but my writing is not grand
nor speech much like a rose

all have heard of morning dew
and times etching of the sand
the old mans graying hairs not few
and the beauty of the land

Yes the flowers lovers bring their maids
with time do hang buds down
and the petals always land
eventually on the ground

The buds and babes of spring go forth
to find the summers heat
who with her inequities do scorch
all those who walk earths street

So although I’ve taken pen in hand
I’ve nothing much to say
for life has burned it’s painful brand
in all the born today

Time does speak of baby’s breath
that adorns the rose bouquet
fragile tender leaves of fern
decorate the lovers way

But grasp the flowers    tight in hand
there you’ll find this way
thorns who under      leaves do stand
were hidden all away

Life comes with precious     dreams and truths
to be taken by your hand
and often times        the real proof
lives beyond the old thorns brand

Sweeter than the roses
is the breath of Love
and it’s own descending
comes down from above

Flowers of many kinds are there
Yet not beauty to compare
to the bud and blossom
the Tree of Love does wear



Autumn’s past horizon’s
whose clouds coast above the trees
woodland paths are dusted
with the falls of the turning leaves

Four corners of the Winds
in summer exhales release their breath
another season’s gone
and lay’s to the past it’s death

Often my mind has danced
in the corridor’s of the earth
where winter’s snow has melted
hastening the springs new birth

I’ve rambled down many roads
and I’ve sang a many song
been scratched by weeds and brambles
and waded in the worlds wrong

Bridges on the road I’ve crossed
upon the many paths that man has trekked
but only one road can lead you
upon a course which is circumspect

It was always for you
every path I ever sought
every step I ever made
the ones my heart was taught

I desire not gold or silver
but the nectar of your lips
a wine so intoxicating
the truth like honey drips

Like the passing of the seasons
and the lives you so enrich
truth and beauty enhances life
to question the choosing which



Oh matchless our delight does never end
ceaseless variety of kingdom you defend
unending the exploration of the world around
photography of new discovery found

Within the caves growth of limestone formations
lattice work and crystal chandelier creations
eons of history where water carries matter
to build visions new and particles to scatter

Exquisite designs to view above and below
daily something unknown has made it’s show
rainforest's beset with capacious greenery
extensive with volume the expanse of scenery

We confine ourselves to the walls of city
and alienate ourselves to all that is pretty
though we hail the lives of those who explore
who search the heavens and of earths floor

Infinite the knowledge the origin of planet
diversity of species of gems and stones granite
consider the growth and composition of stone
movement of water and pressure them hone

All know that many gems are formed under pressure
and human character like tested with measure
Like jewels are cut to ornament the treasure
God molds each and everyone to his pleasure

Hail I do men that fathom grotto’s and caves
like ancient seamen went skimming the waves
courage required here tis for no knaves
those who travel here are only the braves

Boldly do men survey the planets secrets
forge the trails and navigate the sea ships
track and map untamable habitats
where creatures thrive on sulfur but we collapse

In darkened caverns their ever present night
there do dwell creatures with self contained light
each creature for it’s environments design is right
diverse the living things concealed from our sight

Scarcely tapped fathomless in it’s diversity
what could one discover if occupy eternity
all those who become Gods Sons possess the ages
not constrained by death or times gauges

sources Genesis Job Psalms and science


I reached out to touch you
but it wasn’t about your skin
to slide my mind upon your heart
to reach who you are within

Mankind looks upon your shell
not upon the life inside
they only see the shoreline
not the ocean where you reside

I remember being young of heart
my mind was bonded to what’s old
where experience has laid the paths
and repetition the stories told

Another day has come and gone
the minutes that I’m given are delight
too soon will come my feebleness
my loss of mind and sight

But if I should ever lose
all that I am within
I would wish that you remember
all the love you have to spend




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