The Mourning Dove

Ever so softly the morning sun,
Tries to nudge us awake
Still in his slumber, he did turn
Lie still, I thought, if only for his sake.
I remember the scenes from our past,
The inky night fading fast,
There now! he stirred from his sleep at last.
Sweet and sublime, a new day began.

“Hark” I said “is that a cooing mourning dove?”
‘Tis indeed” said he,
A solitary male calling for his love
One single high and low notes three.
“Sit awhile do not leave” for it is early yet
“Aye I will” he replied, let the world wait
A time together we agreed, neither shall regret
We will sit and ponder, love’s treasure trove.

Lover's Lament

A dull tiredness seeped through the woman
Sleepless at approaching dawn
The second pillow bore a soft indent
O' wretched, agony, hatred and scorn
Never again, she wept, all her passion spent.

Her lover left in the pre dawn dark
His night's folly, left no mark
To home and hearth and a lawful wife
Back he went, with the morning lark.
Alas, this the way of life.

Will he be gone forever or return
A thousand fears crowd her brain
In her waning years, bereft of her prime
Her thoughts tortured in vain.
Hope oft returns, grief abates,
In love there is no shame.

Ode to the lovers

The air was crisp, the blooms fragrant
In this town by the sea shore
Sat two lovers lost in embrace
Lips locked, a thirst constant.
Slave to the god of wanton desires
Cupid's arrow did pierce their hearts,
They breathed passion as tides turned
Forever panting and  forever young.
A blissful melody so sweet and fervent
Yonder, the sea crested and churned.

Love's feast consumed too soon
When the night is all a glimmer
Did they feel love wax and wane?
With the phases of the moon?
Was it glittering stars
Stitched into linings of souls?
No shadows, no secrets allowed--- yet
The chill wind of deceit seeped through,
Disturbing the sweet oblivion of love
Drifting apart, sadly, the eternal lover's fate.



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