I was very happy and excited   when I was transferred to Ranchi from Kolkata. Its picturesque beauty of Ranchi always enchanted me. My duty was   heavy but on Sundays I enjoyed to spend my time with nature,  I used to take my bike and visit famous falls like Hundru, Johna, Dasam and many more places.

Days were passing, I was adjusted to new place. One day I was going to nearby market place to buy some stationery. It was busy market place, I was in a hurry, suddenly someone called me “how r u?” I was surprised! looked at the person calling me .I saw a well built, tall young man smiling at me. I didn’t know him, he said “oh! U r in hurry; ok I will meet u again” I was astonished! I looked around to have careful look at him but he was not there. I started thinking who was the man? Had I met him earlier? I was so much   engrossed in thinking about him that I forgot   what for I came to market. I went back.

In office at lunch hour I told my colleague Sudhir about the morning incident .Sudhir intensely listened to  my story and enquired about the look of the man; when I described the man as tall, well built and his hair was cropped like army personnel , till then Sudhir was joking ,hearing my description, suddenly he became  serious and answered me in one word ‘be careful’. I asked repeatedly the reason for such comment but kept quiet and left the lunchroom.

Three or four months had passed, since then I had forgotten the incident. One morning my senior manager called me and he gave a new task. A big amount of unpaid bills were lying with a business man for long time, in nearby town Patratu I have to go and settle the bills. It was no big deal for me. I agreed happily as I had seen in my laptop, the road was very good with twists and turns around the hillocks, and also there is a beautiful lake before entering the town. I had a mind to visit the beautiful town now I got an assignment there which will fulfill my wish to visit the town.
Next morning early morning I started for Patratu. Really it was a beautiful road with sharp hairpin bends that I had never seen before, I enjoyed the drive, the scenic beauty of the hillocks enchanted me. Just before entering Patratu town I could see beautiful large lake with blue water; in which flocks of migratory birds added to the beauty of the lake. I stopped there and watched the birds for a while and then I went to my work place. I found my client in his office at market place and started my work with him.
When I finished my work it was evening, sun was setting, I said goodbye to my client. The client  called me and asked me where would I stay in the night ,I was surprised and said it is only evening I will take some snacks and tea somewhere and then I will start for Ranchi, my destination. The man did not like my answer he asked me to stay in some hotel for the night as the road to Ranchi is not safe. I laughed at his fear and said it is only evening I will reach my destination at about ten O’clock that’s not mid night for big town like Ranchi; saying this I started my bike. After taking tea finally I started for Ranchi at about eight in the evening. Road was beautiful, it was looking more beautiful with moonlit night. I was also feeling happy as my job was done in a peaceful manner. I sped up the bike; I was enjoying the twist and turns of the road along the hillocks. Suddenly I could hear someone moaning and crying for help, I looked around and saw a man lying in a pool of blood by the side of the road and crying for help and he was moaning in pain. I went near him I was aghast to see a man in military uniform bleeding profusely crying for help. I went to him and asked how this happened to him .He said that he was struck by a heavy vehicle when he was going towards Patratu and the driver of the vehicle looted him and they took his bike also .From then he was here crying with extreme pain and asking for help no one has come forward till now. Again I was surprised how can people ignore such an injured man? I asked him if he could sit in the pillion seat in my bike, he agreed and I helped I him to sit carefully in my pillion seat and again I started; this time at a high speed so that I can take the person to Ranchi hospital at the earliest. I told him to grip me tightly and   I started talking to him or else he will lose sense I thought .His name was Thomas Kurian. After a while I felt my pillion seat is empty I looked back to my utter surprise there was no one at my back seat .I stopped and looked at the road whether the man has falen down losing his sense but no one was there I could see only  clear empty  moonlit road . I was thinking what can happen to Thomas has he fell from my bike much earlier I could not feel it? How can this be possible? He was talking in a low voice all the way. I was in a fix by the time I saw a car coming I stopped the car and explained everything and asked them if they have seen a military man fell down on the road? And I was surprised by their answer “No one was there you please speed up your bike and reach your station at your earliest” saying this they started the car and sped away. While starting their car again the driver said we are daily passenger in this road I request you to flee from this place earliest. I was shocked by their behavior but there was no other way I started my bike. I reached Ranchi at eleven O’clock.
Next day I went to my office and narrated the incident to my colleagues  all of them started praying for my wellbeing. I was very much surprised and asked about their behavior. Then I could hear a story of military person who was killed in a road accident on the same road and his soul targets one person. In the first meeting he says “I will meet you again”. When you told us you met a man in the market place and he said the same thing to you, we were worried, and when you   went to Patratu for office work, we repeatedly told you to be back before the sun set but you didn’t give importance to our request. The man you saw is an unsatisfied soul he is seen regularly on the road asking for help as he didn’t get help at the time of his accident. Then I remembered when I   met him   first time in the market place I noticed his hair cut it was like a military man and then I met the man, Thomas, on the way back to Ranchi was a military man. My friends became worried, according to him this man will never spare me, he will meet me at any place at any time there is no life risk but people become psychic after seeing him for a long time at different interval. I was stupefied by knowing about   the sad story of Thomas. It stirred my mind so much that that I couldn’t   concentrate to my work. My heart was filled with the thought of Thomas only. To me it became an unsolved problem how a human being   does not get liberation even after his death. Even after death how Thomas is roaming as an insatiate   soul asking for human help. What does he want? How do I know? Does   he want to   give us some message? With   this thought I become so engrossed that I started to become forgetful about my daily routine.

One day I went for a walk, when I was passing near a church a thought came to my mind. Next Sunday I went to church with white flowers and met Father Franklin there. I sat near him and narrated the story of Thomas. Father listen it with deep concern and told me that he had such type of experiences in his life before such souls want to give some message which we can’t understand. Father suggested that I should conduct a prayer for the departed soul of Thomas Kurian. I told him that I didn’t know anything else   than his name, that too I could know by the soul only. Whether he was married or not, which place he belonged nothing about him except his name. Father said that doesn’t matter. Thomas’s   purpose of meeting me was to give   message to me or to do something for him? I also thought it’s time to do something for Thomas. I agreed to Father’s proposal and arranged a prayer ceremony for him. My colleagues also took part in the ceremony. We all prayed for his soul to be in peace. After that prayer ceremony   I stayed for   long time in Ranchi but never met Thomas again.



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