Oh my Beloved       Come fetch me home
my desire is only        for you alone
descend from the Mountain      upon your white steed
for my heart is burning      you only I need

So long have I waited        planted like trees
in earthly places       by temporal seas
my heart is driven     to seek out your face
the visions of you           I wish not to  erase

My Beloved comes riding   upon a War Horse
none can exceed him         none can change his course
fully he’s  armoured     prepared for War
Light goes before him       and darkness no more

I’ll come to greet you       my lamp full of oil
White is my gown       cleansed completely of soil
I have made myself    ready          for you    I’m awake
One love have I only        no err or mistake 

My Torch and my beacon   Who walks in the Flame
A  River of Fire      proceeds his New Name 
his followers many    in heaven    and earth
upon his arrival          a new heaven      new earth

Swifter than eagles       his visions   are true 
He will expose           the things men    hidden do 
Instructed was he           in war he was taught
to destroy strongholds         the fortresses of thought


How have I loved    your laws and decrees
and your Sun       in the dawn of the morning
the orders that govern       the universe
and their rulings       the cosmos adorning

So finely tuned      a precise instrument
it’s crafting       can no journeyman match
construction supreme      no man has surpassed
nor it’s equal       can he ever attach

You have hidden       their rules and movements
that a man could spend           a lifetime to seek
but the years we’re given       have been shorted
and our will            to regulation is weak

Its decrees            are woven like fabric
on each writ      does another rely
their sequence                 framed like a template 
against its power       can no man defy

Its display               of symmetry  exacting
it’s direction          none living can change
through its pursuit          our knowledge deepens
but it’s only simile              can we arrange

Like flocks             are the stars conducted
as their shepherds            your laws do act 
like the canon of statues             their placement
their governing             by decrees you enact

No man                can act as its counselor
or rearrange           its charge and command
for all that’s demonstrated            in nature
for all are subject           to what law demands

By their study            we learn how to measure
like a child           the paths of all law
to investigate              all time and reasons
of its operation           we can all stand in awe

source Psalms and science



The formation of the earth was your endeavor
a place where love could live forever
when call out you do I will respond
for with your company I have grown fond

I will converse as you have shared your mind
to your requirements that guide be not blind
though I may have very little to say
for to listen is preeminently my way

You are God unto the foundation of the seas
your handiwork has shaped the varied trees
in joy adorned abounding meadows fair
the clothing that as garment our nature wear

With so many colors didst our planet robe
exquisite delights do cover skin of globe
the furthest reaches of our mankind's gaze
can only lift itself in worthy praise

Softly rises the light into caress at dawn
and the winding rivers all do sing your song
from soil God created this home to us belong
and a pivotal decision has it's course sent wrong

Mankind has marred this most beauteous of gift
In rape he does the land and cement to lift
tearing at the surface with sunken pits and mines
for minerals , gems and stones things he thinks that shines

Like a spreading plague upon the land
damaging the forests that are so grand
within our own pollution do we stand
the momentum of destruction by mans hand

The extent of our detriment is unconcealed
What God intends to do he has revealed
the fruit of our own deeds repaid in kind
and the hurtful things we so design

Mankind's damage comes from his love of things
not attending to our garden and the joy it brings
violence upon our land and to each other
massacres our earth and even brother

The collusion of devastation by wealthy men
those who seeks it's changes are put to end
intervention has been handed to earth's King
and very soon he will be changing everything


In your work oh God I take delight
and the universe a wonder
to gaze upon the heavens at night
and to hear the rolling thunder

To stand in the breezes blown by the wind
wherein their circuits do travel
encircle the earth their paths never end
their marvels I wish to unravel

Each blade of grass that soaks up your rain
and evergreens stand and give shade
over the oceans do clouds water gain
carriage to the mountainous glade

In high forests where rivers are born
from stratosphere their waters do drain
and tributaries where lakes do form
with refreshment in it our souls claim

Swirling on tide pools where the mists gather
and breath of the zephyr the fogs
crests of the waves whitecaps do lather
and carry to beaches their logs

Waters and winds their patterns do sweep
their movement is ceaseless and never do sleep
frozen water becomes icy sleet
cycles return and itineraries keep

In schools you learned the clouds formation
cumulus , cirrus , nimbus and stratus
the meanings of each when they take station
cover the earth like gauzy lattice

Nephology the study of clouds
condensing the waters to vapor
a canopy the earth enshrouds
and waters all of our nature

All living things require water to live
be it plant , insect , animal or man
to sustain us did water Jah give
and it’s showers from sky to land

By accident some state structure is made
there is no Architect of the heavenly sky
the circuits of universe God laid
there can be no life if planet is dry

Those who study nature are awed
replace the truth with evolution
recognize not it’s foundation by God
destroy reality by lies substitution

Those who exchange the truth for the lie
and the glory of God they conceal
without understanding cause others to die
but their corruption did Jesus reveal



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