SONGSOPTOK: Do you think literature or poetry is really essential in our life? If so why?
SUSAN BURNS: It wasn’t but have been writing now for about four years and don’t think I can stop.
SONGSOPTOK:  How does it relate to the general history of mankind?
SUSAN BURNS: I suppose it could be a snapshot of how things are at certain times.
SONGSOPTOK:  Our readers would like to know your own personal experience regarding the importance of literature and poetry in your life.
SUSAN BURNS: I used to be an avid reader when younger never a writer, writing is new and a hobby I don’t have much time these days to rekindle my love of reading but do write when I can.
SONGSOPTOK:  Who were your favorite writers during the early period of your life? And how they have paved your early routes in literature?
SUSAN BURNS: Louisa Allcott –Little Women Enid Blyton - The Famous Five when very young (lol) Mallory Towers –Teenage years
SONGSOPTOK:  Now coming back to the present time, do you think people in general actually bother about literature in general? Do you think this consumerist world is turning the average man away from serious literature?
SUSAN BURNS: Time is a rare commodity these days and bills have to be paid so yes.
SONG SOPTOK:  Do you think society as a whole, is the key factor in shaping you up as a poet, or your poetry altogether?
SUSAN BURNS: Yes I think so I think we form opinions growing up some were not even aware of.
SONGSOPTOK:  Coming to the present time, how does politics in general influence you in your writings?
SUSAN BURNS: Not something I pen very often – political verse
SONGSOPTOK? :  Are you feminist? Can literature play any decisive role in feminism at all?
SUSAN BURNS: Yes I am and definitely.
SONGSOPTOK:  Do you believe that all writers are by and large the product of their nationality and is it an incentive or an obstacle for becoming a truly international writer?
SUSAN BURNS: I put my humourous side down to my Irish roots but don’t know where my serious side comes from –somewhere dark.
SONGSOPTOK:  What role can literature play to make our lives better on a day to day basis?

SUSAN BURNS: Explore different ideas and just travel away to where your imagination takes you. Creativity should feed your soul and always always be fun.

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