Whilst Adam slumbered deeply as a brain in his naked lonely sleep
The God of all of us blessed him still and from his naked side did reap

From below his beating loyal heart he plundered deep a sacred rib
God in his wisdom then narrated to Adam and angels rules to keep ad-lib

From the sacred flesh of Adam wealth, he did harvest bone of his bone
He in his glory made sure his favourite Adam, would never be alone

For love of procreation, he crafted Eve to love and laugh at Adams side
They lived in joy in garden bower, like children with no need to hide

Adam toiled all days in garden with fatigue and sweat on weary brow
The laughed and played in the Gardens dreams that are long gone now

Eve was destined as mate to cook and to suffer childbirth’s acute pain
But From the knowledge trees delicious fruit they learned evil shame

And pointing cruel fingers, spilling cruel words of division and blame
So God the landlord did in his anger banish from Eden fertile crescent

We still continue to fight and judge the sins of all that God has sent
Forgetting on this Earth, all we see, all we do, is not ours but God lent


Come ! Oh Rainbow Serpent has awakened! and roars and cleanses with love our sleeping toxic land

She dances beneath our tortured feet sends floods and upheaval to cleanse our poisoned eager hand

Feel the magic deep within her dusty heart, clean the evil from our air, guide our dancing whirls

Heed my call oh clouds above fall in torrents, cleanse the path, for her slumber lightens now she stirs

Devastation oh children of the Rainbow Land, heed the humming song lines song of woe and pain

The Rainbow Serpent is awake, and the face of this land will change and painfully once again

The plates will shift and rain will pour and earth will move and man woman will wail

Too long was the land plundered and mined, deforested poisoned each and every verdant vale


The bright morning sun warms the Earth anew
Smell of toasted bread and coffee brewing, just for you
Bright golden flowers lift their heads and wave to us so gaily
Earth song of creations colorful melody is always born anew daily

Birdsongs fill the air with woven notes in sunlight
Creating a tapestry of cheer with notes colored bright
Dust motes and beams of golden light sparkle and dance so coy
Whilst the tiny birds and creatures scuttle and play with unbridled joy!



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