jamaal owor



Peace be unto the hearts that languish
Seeking refuge from a life of anguish
They wear a face so easy to distinguish
For it burns with hurt too hard to extinguish

It is very tough to settle an inner skirmish
It needs a heart that’s strong not squeamish
For in within lies the foe who comes to blemish
Without soul food many hearts do famish

If victory is what one seeks to accomplish
Then fears and doubts are a must to abolish
For one to shine! There’s friction through polish
Not fortune not fame not cloths that are stylish

Our Inner strength has that ability to astonish
And power to make that enemy within vanish
Trials and tribulations are not meant to punish
But to prepare us for battles that seek to banish

Us from true happiness, from dreams we cherish
Battles from which we get lost, some forever perish
The power to overcome need not be sort in a parish
But in the strength we possess it can make us flourish


As the banks that lay upon the great Nile
So is our potential very rich and fertile
But within most of us it remains docile
Because of limitations that we stockpile
Begetting success is no matter that’s facile
Survival only favors the strong and virile
Even when conditions of life get hostile
Peace adorns those who can afford a smile
Have wits that are sharp not arrogant or senile
This world has no place for a fool or imbecile
We need not indulge in deeds that are vile
Or get lost in worldly pleasures that beguile
And shouldn’t let our past force us to exile
What’s done is done we must open a new file
Life is a fight we can win no matter how rile
Or how stressing our troubles that compile
For every moment counts each step, each mile
Our tenancy in this world is a very short while
Life shows no mercy for the weak and fragile
We must face many hurdles that come to defile
Our hopes and dreams making our efforts futile
Have not a rigid mind but a mind that’s agile
And can adapt to the world changing profile
With our faults and weaknesses we must reconcile
We need to learn and grow not remain juvenile
Don’t allow fears and doubts to make us volatile
We have the power and strength that so versatile


Poetry came to be in existence long before the dawn of civilization
From generation to generation is has passed down in many shapes and forms
Evolving, adapting to change and withstanding the many tests of time
The conqueror of hearts and the shark that swims in the seas of emotions

Poetry, the great ode sang and listened to by many, both young and old
Food to the soul to men of all walks of life from poor peasants to great kings
The one true art that knows no race, knows no color and knows no creed
The only language spoken, written and understood by all of mankind

Poetry life’s tree that has strong roots in many cultures and traditions
It is the only bird with wings that have flown across all the seven seas
And the entity whose feet have walked to all corners of the earth
It is the mighty essence and the voice that will never ever be silenced

Poetry has come to be practiced by hearts that are dark and cold
Poetry has also been harnessed by hearts so kind and warm
Poetry has been nurtured by minds so great and philosophical
Poetry has also been watered by minds so humble and simple

Poetry has been used to spread love, passion and intimacy
Poetry has also been used to convey thoughts of lunacy
Poetry has life and death, love and hate, heaven and hell
Poetry has ups and downs, joy and misery, tears and laughter

Poetry can deliver a message of hope or that of great despair
It is the spirit that lives on and on and on and on it never dies
It is the never ending life’s show of which the curtains never close
It is the force of nature poets can steer towards a desired cause

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