Serkan Engin


Insane Izmit

“Izmit was a huge loneliness ”
Behcet  Aysan

Izmit is a feature-length joblessness
Clothing me insanity shirt
A paralyzed diploma in my hand
While heavy tonnage poverty is
Flaying the skin of my life

Izmit is the house of my nevermom
Where she tramples on my youth as a carpet
My gallows room that I reduce from myself in
Where butts and depression invade

Izmit is the projection of desolateness
Frost tounge of the night is a whip
Stray dogs barking to loneliness and me
While we are staying up all night
Under the black quilt of grief
At railroad terminals at parks at mosque courtyards
Hunger is a flick knife put on our throat

Izmit is love trauma having internal bleeding
Pricking needles on my heart
The years missing myself and rebellion
At the thin place of my youth

- Mom, never breed me again
… At least in Izmit

White Shrew

ohh kid! take off your hand
from the doors opening to the hell
from your veins

ohh kid! isn’t it enough
your bartering your meat
to hide in sluggard wells
don’t let anymore the white nipper
to batten on your dreams

ohh kid! crap out of it…

Non-existent Women

Non-existent women, non!
They distill hope from Grief
and put the nail in the coffin
of Pain with their hearts
the women whose lives
are short length films only!

Non-existentwomen, non!
Orphans from Love and hobblers from Hope
such left high and dry from end to end
whose youth fades as a full house
scattered all over

Non-existentwomen, non!..

: No matter dudes, you already exist


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