Seema Banerjee-Ray


Silent Love

In a rush, silence takes the eclectic key
To enter my nebulas midnight bedroom-
And, in a way, suddenly whispers to me,
Just before cleaning my mind with broom!

Atop my lofty pillow, perhaps spoken a few name,
Unrehearsed, to crush the stillness of midnight-
Against my tiny empty chest, without any fame,
Just before whooping down and going out of sight!!

 Forget me not!!

I love my God, my Master,
My soul wants only His love-
Oh my God! Come to your disciple,
Oh God! Never ever forget me not.

With cymbals, I utter your holy name,
When fears gather like wolves in the dark-
And chant slokas aloud without any shame,
Even when I am walking in bedroom or park!

I believe, you will allow me to sit down,
With open arms, at the welcome table-
And rejoice with my parents in town,
While sharing with me your favorite fable!!

Oh God, I am so thirsty to hear your voice-
And goes without saying, it's beyond my choice!
Guide me along verdant paths, late at night-
And drown me in your wisdom to shed the light!!

Utopian Thoughts

Oh! my Soul!
Snow storms are encroaching,
Bursting fogs' balloon
with the wind are peeping
into my day room-
And I hear the shameless moan !
Give me the face of earth around
And the solid ground below me.
Let's stare full moon on the eastern sky
And the dreamy wings soar high.
Let the life be full of journey of hope,
And cherish the love I can cope.
Let my utopian thoughts come true,
And the chapters of life go through.

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