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What’s happening to our world!!!

Our world which once had colours of rainbows now has turned into black and white. The ongoing rapid improvements in technlogy have brought us face to face with all the events, mostly tragic from all over the World. We turn on our facebook and watch the videos that go viral. We turn on Google and our eyes meet the headlines on the main screen. We walk outside and look at whats going on in our mobile. Its hard not to accept that we live in the information age. Yet, this doesnt stop a wide range of group to disregard the new and stick to their old-fashioned, inherited knowlege and traditions which sometimes can lead to violence and terror and unrecoverable results.

Our world is crumbling. Borders change and countries lose their identity. Insurgents guided by false ideas, for variety of unhealthy reasons ravenously roam for some victims to murder and convey their undeveloped, sickly messages. But this doesnt stop a wide range of people to continue their hedonistic life with scarce regard for what is going on in our earth. 

Issues have outnumbered and almsot everywhere there is an ongoing war. The scenarios and the suspense befuddle the minds. It wouldnt be too odd to compare them to Agatha Christie’s movies. We feel frustrated, angry, worn out by all the ingredients of this soup in which we live. Death of the brave journalist, James Foley was devastating. As much as the mass killing of the innocent babies and women in Gaza and Ukraine. It seems that always the good and innocent have to bear the ignorant greed of the uncultivated minds. 

It’s heart breaking to see a group follow the words of one person and nod their head to things they most probably havent even understood well. No religion on earth promotes violence against innocence and now religion has become another main topic of nearly every page. In reality, a religious person should be someone who has this solitude with his/her God, not someone who uses it as a way of commercialising his/her own subtle motives.

We should keep this in the corner of our mind that however we may not be interested in each other’s company, we are all little pieces of one. Look what God has given us: A world of colours with variety of races and traditions. That’s the variety that gives us some energy and desire  to live. Yet, we have destroyed cities and countries. We have crowded the earth with tall concrete buildings,  annexating the sky. We have built bridges that dried out the most beautiful lakes and now we are filling our hearts with hatred for each other because we are looking for the culprit of all these crimes we witness everyday. 

War brings war and hatred brings hatred. Louis Armstrang said in one of his songs, “What a wonderful world!” with all its green and blue sky. But then. Oriana Fallaci, the Italian Journalist, wrote in her book called, ”If the sun dies” about the plastic world that we may have to live in. The question is which one we really want. I am sure that when there are colours of rainbow and the warmth of family and friends and the peace of enjoying the life, noone prefers to live in the eternal darkness. So lets hope to be included in promoting peace and love regardless of race, nation, religion or gender


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