But yet the beneficiaries of Leninism and blinds to Lenin are claiming and considering him as a communist leader as such as a history builder by founding a socialist state. But the USSR was a state of state capitalism. In fact he tried to create confusion on socialism and destroying the socialist movement to serve and protect the decayed capitalism by founding such state of state capitalism.

Remarkable, if there is commodity, there is capitalist mode of production. Sure, there was commodity at USSR ; If there is capital , there is capitalist mode of production. Sure, there was capital at USSR ; If there is selling and buying , there is capitalist mode of production. Sure, there was selling and buying at USSR; If there is wage labour, there is capitalist mode of production. Sure, there was wage labour at USSR ; If there is wage labour there is exploitation, thus, there is capitalist mode of production. Sure, there was exploitation at USSR; If there is buyer of labour power , there is capitalist mode of production. Sure, there was buyers of labour power at USSR; And 

If there is buyer of labour power there is exploiter, thereby there is
seller of labour power there is exploited, so, there is class and class rule thereby, there is politics and state for class interest.

Sure, USSR was a state. So, the USSR was a state with capitalist mode of production, thus, it was a state of state capitalism with state owned means of production to control the labour market with extreme dictatorship. No doubt, the USSR was a state capitalist state by its constitutions of 1918, 1924, 1936 and 1977. Therefore, the story of USSR on SOCIALISM is an ill motivated and intentional fabrication and manufactured political propaganda thus all these stories are bogus, false and lie so, myth. Lenin, the key founder of the Bolshevik party was never a communist to replace the capitalist society by communist society by the wage slaves of the world. His party – the Bolshevik party was never a working class party to unite the workers of the world for a communist revolution to end the wage slavery by common ownership of means of production for all and by all of the world.

Rather, Bolshevik party was a party for the interest of reactionary capitalist including peasants for the capitalist interest by
developing the capitalist mode of production at Russia to increase the volume of capital by exploiting the wage slaves by born declaration of it. Therefore, it was not possible to establish socialism by the action of such reactionary -Bolshevik Party.

Certainly, communism is nothing but the end of wage slavery. Sure,
communist revolution is nothing but the culmination of contradiction of sellers and buyers of labour power of the world. Therefore, unity of wage slaves of the world is the first condition to end the contradiction of sellers and buyers of labour power of the world by  the communist revolution for the emancipation by ending the wage slavery. Thus, communist revolution is not national but a universal event, so, communist revolution is not possible in one country alone. 

No doubt, replacement of capitalism by a communist revolution is communism, but capitalism is not national but a global system, thus, replacement of capitalism is not possible in one country. So,
Communism is not possible in one country alone. Therefore, it was not possible to establish socialism alone at Russia.

Furthermore, “ united action of the leading civilized countries at least is one of the first condition for the emancipation of the proletariat.” Has described so rightly in the Manifesto of the Communist Party. But, Lenin did not care it though he claimed that he was a “communist”, but in fact he had wear a fake dress symbolized with communism and used the name of Marx to cheat the workers of the world. Because, Marx was the discoverer of science of communism, and the term ‘socialism’ was known to the workers-the conquer of communism. 
Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin etc has founded their state by a planed military coup by killing 2 persons and arrested 25 guards of Kernasky government.

Noted, military is not wage slaves to produce value, therefore, surplus-value that is capital which is unpaid labour, thus, the relation between buyers and sellers of labour power is antagonistic, so, solution of such antagonistic relation is communism rather, military force is the tools of exploitative classes by born condition and origin of it, to serve the interest of rules. Sure, there is conflict among the capitalist class it-self as well as its arms forces too thus, there is so many records of military coup in history.

In fact, State of Lenin was a dumping land for the stock of Germany-the waste and dangerous sufferer by huge stock since 1903 by the so-called peace fact of both countries-March,1918.

Noted, capitalist recession that is stock was the cause of 1st world war. Germany was the attacker to start the First World War to face and solve the problem of its huge stock.

Buyer of labour power is exploiter, therefore, as the chief executive
of his state Mr. Lenin was the gang leader of buyers of labour power of the wage slaves of his state. So, Lenin was nothing but a head of the managers of exploiters of his state. Therefore, Lenin has introduced the new economic policy ( NEP) without caring his own constitution-1918 to accumulate and accommodate the fruit of
exploitation - capital in private level by private sector. In fact, he him-self was a violator of his own constitution, and it’s quite natural by a dictator. Therefore, Lenin was a hypocrite, fraud, cheat and betrayer even with Marx too.

He has used to fire and killed so many wage slaves to control the labour market in his life time, mainly in the period of labour movements.

Records proved that the rate of exploitation at his state was much higher than the USA. Even, he did not pay wage to the workers for Saturday by declaring the day as “ great communist Saturday”, moreover, he used to appropriation the overtime of workers for his state without pay. No doubt, the rate of such type of exploitation by Lenin was not  comparable with any executive of traditional capitalist state where there is law against exploitation without lawful payment of wage.

Sure, consequence of repeated recession is communism therefore, the decayed capitalism has taken shelter even, to the Leninism-the politics of state capitalism for its survival from non-curable sufferings and bad effects of repeated recession since 1815 to solve
the dangerous crisis and problem of the shocking recession overflowed by 1902 and ended by 1st world war.

Lenin was the chief executive of his state till his death but the post, what he hold was not narrated in his own constitution-1918. Therefore, Lenin was a more vile & extreme dictator than the
self-declared supreme dictator –Tsar of Russia by mentioning his source of power and function by his own constitution-1906. It was Lenin who blamed the wage slaves of his state as a bad element. Except a brute and cruel exploiter no one can use such nonsense thing against the workers.

Even, Lenin has betrayed with his Bolshevik party by dissolving the Constituent Assembly, without any lawful authority, though the
election of Constituent Assembly was held under his government and it was by born commitment of the Bolshevik party. No doubt, his government was rejected by the voters of Russia, by the Constitutional Assembly election thereby, he punished the voters by dissolving the Constitutional Assembly therefore, not the people’s sovereignty but the absolute and extreme dictatorship of Lenin has established, though, sovereignty of people of Russia was the by born commitment of the Bolshevik Party.

Lenin has used to rename his own party as “Communist Party" after grabbing the state power to protect the state power to serve the decayed capitalism by cheating and confusing the wage slaves.

The Communist party is not for reformation of state, rather to vanish the state and politics. Because, the communist party is a working class party to unite the workers of the world to fight and vanish the capitalist society by a communist revolution by ending the commodity production to end the wage slavery there-by to end the class rule and class, by ending the politics therefore, by disappearing the state.

But, Bolshevik party was for reformation of state by born declaration of it. Thus, Bolshevik party was not at all a communist party for the same aim. So, no Leninist party is communist party. Moreover, Communist party is not a transformation of any party, so, party like Bolshevik party have no scope to transform into communist party thus, renaming the Bolshevik party is nothing but an evil job to confuse the workers of the world to serve the decayed capitalism. Therefore, it’s nothing less than fraud and cheating. Lenin has founded the so-called 3rd International with politics of so-called ‘right of self-determination of nations’ and state capitalism to get support from the outside of Russia and on the other hand to divide workers of the world by nation and country. Though, workers have no nationality and country, but they have a world to win by losing their chain. However, Lenin and his disciples were succeeded to divide the workers of the world by using such politics of Leninism as such as these rubbishes are policies of communism.

Any such policy which is useful or effective to divide the workers of the world is so harmful and dangerous for the interest of the workers.

Therefore, Leninism-the corruption of science of communism is an effective and useful political weapons to create illusion to confuse and divide the workers of the world by nation and country thus, the poisonous Leninism is so harmful and dangerous for the workers of the world; And USSR and the so-called 3rd International was against the interest of workers of the world, thus, Lenin was a proved but clever and masked enemy of workers of the world.

Lenin and his disciples has used to use not only the name of Marx but creating a wrong concept and false view that Lenin was the developer of so-called “Marxism” as Leninism among the workers of the world, thereby Lenin was a great ‘Marxist’ by the ill motive propaganda and falsification of Leninist criminals including Trotsky, Stain, Mao etc.

But, not "Marxism" but the "science of socialism" has discovered by Marx. Therefore, Marx was a scientist but not idealist or master or lord o or boss or ‘Marxist’. Marx was a communist but not universal reformer or cleric. Marx, as a communist was against private ownership with all rights of inheritance thus, ‘science of communism’ is not his private but property of all.

Therefore, the very word " Marxism" is not only unscientific but also effective to undermine "COMMUNIST" Marx.

No doubt, communist society is a scientific society win by wage slaves of the world will vanish all such nonsense concepts and ideologies, including Leninism along with all masters, bosses, reformers, clerics, lords, heroes, leaders etc & etc rubbishes. Therefore, the said claim on Leninism of Leninist bosses and blinds to Lenin is not only bogus, false and lie but also a dangerous and heinous effort to cheat the workers of the world. Thus, Leninism is suicidal for workers. So, as a founder of Leninism –Lenin was a liar, cheater, fraud and betrayer.

Abolition of private property with all rights of inheritance is socialism. But, Lenin has re-chained the people of country side by the chain of private property by his decree of land-1917. Sure, he followed the policy of discrimination to distribute the land among man and woman by his said decree. But, the end of discrimination among the human being even by gender is socialism. Noted, ownership of means of production by society is socialism. Therefore, to justify the heinous acts and misdeeds of Bolshevik Party and Lenin as communist work they did not hesitate to distort the science of communism-discovered, formulated and explained by Marx and Engels. Thus, Lenin did it. Even his party -the CPSU did not care to distort the communist manifesto, or Capital by Marx by the Progressive publisher, Moscow, USSR.

Thus, Lenin was never against capitalism rather, a servant to serve and protect the interest of capitalist class and decayed capitalism; there-by his disciple Stalin was one of the three key founders of the IMF- to serve and protect the moribund capitalism by controlling the world economy from a single but mightiest syndicate of the world. No doubt, states are defunct under the rule of the IMF, thereby, nation state is dead. Though, the capitalists of the world has been claiming the such condition of state is as globalization, in fact, it’s the capitalist globalization. Thus, the utility of Leninism of state capitalism has reduced by the globalization with its global authorities. On the other hand consequence of state capitalism is nothing but a failed attempt to protect the decayed capitalism by creating the required conditions for the capital by the private ownership. So, dissolution of the USSR was inevitable and done so by the self-term. Certainly, history it-self unmasked the ugly face of Lenin and Leninist bosses by the dissolution of the USSR. So, Lenin was not a communist. 

Shah Alam Dhaka, 12/08/14. Web-site:


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