Angela Helix


-A Chance Of A Lifetime-

It took me a doubtful millenium
To realize how things dramatically changed
But it took me just a minute
To start a new hopeful page
No,i ain't hoping for anything
For i know i have nothing
No,not even a day without dreaming
Of what it's like to feel your loving
Not even a thought crossed my mind
Not even for a second,
But you come my dark way
Helped me find
My weakness,my strenght,and what i'm capable of
Trust isn't in my dictionary
Like no one knows me the way you know me
I've never been quiet this happy
Not until you found me
This daily ounce of happiness
Along with it's little doze of loneliness
Through this long hardship
And this uncertain relationship
It may took us a hopeless forever
But i'll treasure what we have now,
Us together

 -Lost Minds.Stolen Lives-

Living a life inside a steel bottle cage
With no life,darkness and a bloody sage
Fighting for real,a new turning page
Lost in nowhere without sanity on stage

In war with the unknown inside
Losing hope to see a radiant flare of light
A defective defense of a depleted soul
Lost all control with no way to crawl

Chocked with poison filled air and a slashing sight
Illusions of a world where you can't fight
A poking sense of a blunted thought at night
Slowly taking innocense and replacing with freight

Killed reality without any consent
A murder done,every inch deeply felt
No offense for the defenseless brutal set
No recovery,bended,lost for real to forget.

 -Under Attack-
Misleading,cold, under demolition
Freezing window pane and a blinded vision
Inside's a soul tattooed with a mark
A sign
A curse
A child of the dark
Grieving with a broken chest
Lost in war
Failed immunity test
Fought 'til the end of the arrogant war
thrown afar
Enemies unseen with a united motive
To put an end in mind,
so twistive
Decided to patiently wait for an open psyche
To overtake lost soul,
empty mind,
and weak body
Just a metaphore of the confused
Under attack but still refused
To believe that i am for real
That the truth is the real deal


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