Brutus made a mistake by cause,
Brutus makes mistake today
See through the glass Portia;
Brutus kills Caesar, this way.

The plunged dagger lies plunged in,
The happy blood rushes out free;
I never freaked with blood,
I see green sea, blue tree.

Portia, here will come Brutus,
Flooded with blooded hand and heart,
Caesar will fall over this way;
Portia, please play your part.

Portia, hold on to Brutus,
Portia, give shoulder when he cry,
I will be happy from the blues;
Portia, do wash his hand and blood dry.

The dagger is in my back,
Will remain till I end,
Portia, my happy blood rushed free.
Portia, love Brutus, Love Caesar…we are friend…
Caesar dies still,
Caesar dies slowly to his end;
Caesar was wrong this way.
Yet, Caesar was Brutus’ friend…

Portia, Brutus will cry,
Brutus will die, yet not die,
Brutus will seek your bosom,
Portia, love Brutus, let Caesar die.

When the soft of the heart,
Ruptured with the pointed dagger end,
Portia, I knew not the truth,
Brutus too is dying at his end…

Caesar dies, for the cause he caused,
Caesar dies for his wrong place,
Portia, we are friends indeed,
Portia, love Brutus, not his disgrace.

Caesar will live here forever,
Though he has died, cried dry,
Caesar dies just for his throne,
Portia, ask Brutus not to cry.

Brutus kills his friend for cause,
When Brutus dugged the dagger deep;
‘E tu Brute, then fall Caesar’
Portia, love Brutus, let Caesar sleep

The Woman & Man

You are the truth of masculinity,
He makes a Man & a Woman,
You are the children of completeness,
You both STAND Together,
You both Hold Each other STRONG..


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