Radicalism vs. Rationality

When I have been asked  by the editorial team of SO0NGSOPTOK: The Writers’ Blog  to submit an article only  on religious  intolerance  &  radical extremism,  I  took their  permission to be greedy enough to look  back at my own country  , where   Rly Minister , an FCA comes  to  International CA Conference with an appeal   for all to adopt n clean certain stations.   I was surprised & amused.   Had Gandhiji been alive today, could he talk only about cleanliness  as the only  means to goodly God???  No, certainly not.  Why not?   Cleanliness has a very   very  wide  paradigm, spreading from   cleansing  of ethnic hatred to  cleaning of religious hatred  ….  , religious intolerance,  intolerance against the weaker sections--  minority, women, rationalists, atheists, hapless  immigrants from across  iron fence…. I shall  divide d article into two parts --  1st part on  Indian  scenario on  Religious & Sexual  &  clannish cleansing, and the 2nd part on  Recent atrocities on  atheists in Bangladesh & across  Globe.


Syt Markandeya  Katju  has blamed   Gandhiji  a British spy  & Netaji a German one. While Sri Dange was  called  a British spy & even RSS,  Mr Gandhi’s  name never came out so. Is it  an overzealous  approach  to cleanliness , or  the speech from an unclean mind?   Our  judiciary has no dearth of highlight –seeking people giving  sensational  bites.  Cleanliness  in approach must  proceed  from  top .  The presidents  of India  , apart from  Dr APJ Abdul Kalam  have mostly been political candidates  &  after Pratibha  Patil  left , news items  started feeding in wrt  her assets , her foreign tours to benefit  her family members  etc.  Most  of the  governors  in UPA & NDA  regimes  are equally political   entities , raising serious doubts  over their  credentials  &  clean   decisions.  If  PM wants swachhwata , cleanliness  has to be targeted at the root .

In social & public life, we  happen to be  more  concerned  about  Pretty Jinta’s  tussle with Ness than her efforts in the wins of her IPL team &  the profit she has earned for it .  Because, she  is  a lady.  In our nation , lowest @ 3% (UP) to highest @14% ( Kerala)  is the  land holding by women ; rest all  belong to  males , although at least  87:100 is the women’s  ratio with men. 

Coming to Cleanliness  in International context,  it was  surprising to note  that  US President  was so very vocal  about India’s  recent religious intolerance.  While we  must be ready  to  face all  criticisms with a very clean mind , question comes up ,  Mr President, is your country clean?

Addressing the White House summit in Washington DC last week on Countering Violent Extremism, chief of of India's Joint Intelligence Committee RN Ravi reeled off facts and figures relating to minority welfare schemes and measures undertaken by the government, to underline that the social, educational and economic empowerment of the smaller communities was taken due care of.

Stating that the government's response to violent extremism was calibrated to prevent disproportionate use of force, India highlighted how it had never used "air power" or "area weapon" to combat violent extremism. While  GOI has made  a  debatable decision & inappropriate as per many to ban  the interview of   Dec16 rape related BBC documentary, why should  only Indian  stories be glorified ?  Should it be  cleaner  for Indian media  to make documentaries  on so many US / UK  rattling  issues ? Shall  that be permitted  ?  For India,  all procedures must go off, but  for EU, all procedures  are sacrosanct.  Cleaner  World is  needed  by 2016, bereft  of  all such anomalies.In UP, less than 3% of agricultural land belongs to women, and in Kerala, where the percentage is highest among all Indian states, the figure is no more than 14%.

On the Holi day  of   2015 , when I am writing this  article,  BBC  has arrogantly & adamantly just  gone on air with  an interview of the  rapists  of Jyothi Singh in 2013.  The rapists that  got  knee jark reprieve from SC   the  verdict of  gallows,   are firm in belief that  nothing wrong did they do. It was a mere accident that the girl unnecessarily protested ; else, it could have been a  smooth rape  as ever…    They also  justified  that it  was  too common for them to grow up seeing rapes as normal incidents  in the family / vicinity;  that  a  girl is  of definite loose character if  she  wanders with her  boyfriend / fiancée in an evening , whether in winter or in summer…   and   such loose girls  need to be punished  by Khaap or  male  guardians .  Rape and  marriage  between raped  &  rapist  are 2 of d remedies  prescribed by Panchs.

It  may be true  that  BBC  has erred  in such a nascent  telecast ; but  how long can we conceal the fact that  rape clock in New York is  different  from rape clock in Delhi & that  Delhi’s  society  looks down upon the  North East  to Aryan girls  that  have  advanced  in life  with lots of struggle put in at a place thousand  miles away from home…!!!  Any girl  achieving medical, engineering &  finance  diploma / degree is a more eye shore to  the  hapless hooligans – the loom pens….   Forget  all that,   in Bangalore , Delhi , Mumbai streets u have  n no of  living couples  from NE  &  Punjab &  some other states, gone up in fashion.  Not in  some fashion exhibits, but in  open streets,  in short skirts & hot pants…  and  ladies  of higher age brackets  emulate this style from these  teens n twenties …  in case anybody gets molested  , reaction from women groups  would not go for sure in favor  of   them….

I am writing this article  also  at the  time  when , in the  short vicinity of  NDFB’s  tribal & Bengalee  bloodbath  on  Immigrant  allegation,, there  is today  the  lynching by another Bengalee by Nagas  on allegation / accusation of   rape.

We , who hail from  eastern border towns  of  Barpeta, Karimganj, Silchar, Dhubri,  Balurghat  or Cooch behar, see thousands  coming in daily  for livelihood &  going back to B’desh in the  evening.  They draw rickshaws,  work as  masons &  other labor.    I was told, all refineries  of  NE  shall stop in want of   “Malda labor”.  When  ULFA  blood-bathed  , before our eyes, in 2004,  so many  Bihari  labor &  rickshaw –pullers ,   Biharis en-masse  started  going back, and the  vacuum got filled up  by  Bangladeshi migrants.  Today, Assam’s  60%  population  are Bengalees &  40% +  of Assam are  migrants. And  ,  one  interesting / surprise,   around 20—30%  of masons  building India  are migrants from eastern border. NDA  GOI needs to come clean  with a white paper  on this---  what to do with the border  infiltrations & d infiltrators?

On the Holi day  of   2015 , when I am writing this  article,  For the first time in Indian legal history, the Parliament has begun proceedings to attempt to impeach a judge over allegations of sexual harassment.  Unfortunately  all  of us  have served  in organizations with lots of values &  goals defined &  official policies laid down.  In a  co called Vinay Cement, my wife was  badly harassed  in his chamber by COO at factory , while I was away in Kolkata HO. The man was shifted to Kolkata , but such cos engage in appeasing ministers to topple MDs  of  corpns, so naturally they have a no of  senior lady officers at the helm;  also nobody dares talk about Chairman’s keep.  In a Holcim gr co I had worked , I  saw  both father-son duo enjoying the same lady PA ,  year after year, in spite of their beautiful wives in office.  And  , in both Tata Steel & JSW, so many people are just scared of the tigress lobby … But  despite all  grievance redresser / whistle blower committees, there  are  top level men that take ladies to water parks, to 5 star  hotels in plant vicinity, to co guest houses or to  empty flats kept for such purposes . Talk of  Govt machinery, PSU tops , Beaurocracy, Ministers … all  enjoy  escort services incl Spanking & BDSM… There would be  no of  cases of Divisional managers enjoying subordinates’  wives during office hours &  seldom rewarding subjects with promotions…… Some ladies in Taxation , I have seen, want company of gigolos  & industrialists ‘  beautiful male honchos before handing out a favorable order. And  this  is in spite of all goals & values engrossed over d websites  in no unspoken terms .  Some vendors  are more equal , having access to Tolly Bolly Kolly Sandal wood  beauties…..

When Obama gave  his bouncer speech on religious intolerance so unfit for Gandhi’s & Vivekananda’s  India.  Our very own RSS  Sudarshans  went too angry… but  could not counter the fact of  repeated attacks on  peaceful meetings of Catholics. So they started  targeting Mother & also GOI  issued a clarification to  the White House  , that sectarian  theme is d basic of India  even today , that Muslims do not feel alienated  in India  the way they do so feel in USA… so this 18 crore of Muslims  are part of mainstream  in so much so that  17 lac of  their ladies  have been  imparted leadership training ( $ 500 Mn spent in their  entrepreneurship building &  statistics  are great wrt schools , classrooms, hostels, PHCs & it is  built for  them,,,&  that Terrorism in India survives on forces  outside  of the  sovereign ….
There is truth in it, feel  friends, all of you shall agree…. a Muslim in Gujarat  also  does not live in fear… the arrogance got subdued after  Godhra –Ahmedanbad episode (& now they support India in a  Pak-India  match ) ; even in UK , today, a Muslim has to live in fear of state &  in USA you have  the modern gas chamber—the Guantanamo bay ….

But, is GOI stt fully correct?  Irom Sharmila is on hunger strike for over a decade ,--over repeal of AFSPA, which no GOI shall do…. Nor  the unbridled  power of Army  in J&K is curtailed…  , &  in Maoist infested  territory with lakhs of tribal  not tasting rice once even in a month,  Army assumes supreme command…. The Runu Guhaneogy  torture tradition of males & innocent  females related to accused, bear  continuing testimony in Muslim &  tribal dominated  areas…. We have  still glorified laws  of Sedition & POTA… and all  these  , in a country , where  3 Khans are highest nett grosser in Bollywood , having joint turnover of  Rs 500 crore +.

To bring in reservation is bad, especially if it is for creamy layer… but to remove it abruptly  may be a questionable step equally.. Vengeance  cannot run a society , nor a governance. It is imperative  that all  the sadhus , sadhvis ( love zihaad n Raamjado wallehs ) should be  kept far off  governance mandate.  But unfortunately Niranjan Jyoti, Uma Bharati  & Shakshi Maharaj & Sudarshan –all are  part of the governance team only. This  cleansing is  too crucial. 2015-2016 budget was too novel n unique  n path-breaking. A rly budget from an FCA—it was  unique  in approach--  without any  politico-electoral sops, And fin  budget 2015  was  one of the first budgets off  unclean  mindsets of  IASs to unnecessarily pour in loopholes &  confusions in each  change.  Swachchhta  cess is a  classic example of such unclean provision this time, but  lawyer Arun Jaitley has been able to cut some of their wings. How  beautiful it would have been for Bengal, had  Mamta Banerjee been able  to rise over non-working culture n politics of Bengalee  mindset &  reduce  the leaves n enhance working hours , instead of enhancing leaves  & reducing ownership spirit for work n delivery!!!!    

TMC  came to power in Bengal after 35 years  of degradation of Bengalee & Bengal, but what Left Front could not amass  in 35 years, thru club n Sharda cultures &  wider usage of  Sharda , Rosevalley &  myriads of  chit funds, they  started looting Bengal the Yedurappa way  & in 3 years  wealth amassed has been more than Left Front’s  30 years’ accumulation.  Had  Ratan Tata  appeased  didi LF way, Singur  would not have been a history. Kicking bellies of  food bowl of India could  have been successfully perpetrated by the philanthropic messiah of Indian industry.  In Gujarat,  he has demanded extension of benefits  given to Nano  to other cars in Tata coffer.  Such blackmailing &  corporate espionage  are dark spots  on  cleansing process.  What  was  the need  to acquire only most fertile land in rice bowl of East India?  That too, why  1000 acres?   The philanthropist  has  declined to sell any car to Pak, nor encourage cross  border contracts.   And, for TMC,  respected  ex-GS of FICCI , Syt Amit Mitra needs  to clean up his  blatant didi  appeasing  in order to bring in the rationality needed.  The mirror  that  started  staring at you  on d first day shall continue its role, irrespective of  whether v fail  to look at it / arrogantly v  ignore the reality  &  live in a dream world.  Didi  should clean up her mind n image  to get back to  the  intelligentsia that supported her coming  but  are now far off  owing to  irresponsible behaviors of    leaders like Anubrata , Tapas Pal etc…   Why TMC alone?  A  host of parties  in regions are  running high  voter support base  with an exceptionally high prime factor of   minority support  &  to garner this support,   militants  are  allowed  unrestricted entry in the states , allegedly  even with ploys to murder  foreign  head of state …. ! Burdwan blast  prima facie  leads to  how  tens of such attacks  across the nation can very smoothly be planned  from  remote interiors of Bengal.  Why not?   Around Siliguri  there are corridors  leading to  Bhutan &  Nepal both  , from Bangladesh & ultra groups like ULFA  till date continue  enjoying  patronage of    such foreign nations….

In  d  total gamut of  dialectics that is marring d nation---  RSS vs BJP,  transparency & devotion of  beaurocracy,  Sujatha Singh’s  resignation, the allegation of  CBI’s  continuing partiality,  the first thing  that India has to adopt is  political isolation from governance agenda. CBI  should come clean to run as  per  concerned court  mandate. Courts  should come clean to  act  in public interest.    Special  package  to Bihar & WB   should come  as  a package  as   per  economic prescription , not  as  a political overtone.  And, it  must not  be  calculated  by  TDP  how  a non-NDA state package can be  better  than   an NDA  state  package.   If India has to emulate  China ,  this  isolation is  mandatory; even in any developed nation, development agenda is  kept  separate  from  politics .   Whether  a beaurocrat likes it or not,  India  has been  misguided to a great extent by beaurocracy , who are d eyes n ears of   ministers.

Similar is our stance of Srilanka.  Was RAW behind  the change in regime? Will d new regime  be able to  see Tamils in Northern peninsula as  1st class Srilankan citizens?  Clean  white  paper is  needed  from new Srilankan president.

{Mr Tharoor was reading from his new book "India Shastra", a collection of essays, at the annual Jaipur Literature Festival or LitFest on Friday."Modi could earn his place in history but we in the opposition are not yet convinced," the Congress MP said, adding, "But Modi is a shift in politics from politics of identity to politics of performance." }

BJP  that  created a furore in war of words at the outset on article 370 is now  sharing power in J&K  with PDP that   thanks  Pak & terrorists  for peaceful elections in J&K.  Is  BJP clean  on dropping  the demand for art 370 for good?   Or,  Ram mandir &  Ramrajya are  still  BJP agenda?  If  not, is not RSS  any more the   guiding force of BJP?   The ambience is too  vitiated.  And, false glorification of  ancient  Indians  as advanced than  the west   shall do no good….  Pramod Muthaliks  that vandalize   couples on streets on 14 Feb must realize that  Hindu  glorious past cannot  do any good…. RSS  & Mr rajnath Singh must speak  out to the world only realistic  stories from Indian history books….

On  the education front , with all  due deference to  Smriti Irani  ( & her unclean  academic status) ,  the way she has handled IIT & DU affairs are  palpable. Does  BJP want that  all  the historians  shall be  rightist?  Can at any point DU  &  JNU  go ABVP way  from its leftist leaning?  More fundamentally, can elite n intelligentsia of JNU n DU  n  host of other   institutes  turn rightist  from the  Nehru- Mahalanabis  leaning they have acquired so far?   No…  despite all her sincerest  efforts  n  Dr  Sugata Bose at helm of Presidency University Kolkata ,  the  most glorious  of the oldest Indian institutions  ,  the instt  did not go left way….  Jadavpur University  had to get rid of its Vice- Chancellor , thru  a  prolonged  leftist movement…  it is clear that leftism  is embedded at the root of  our academics in most  of the institutes. Come  clean as to whether these sadhus  (that r  RSS’s  backbones & brand ambassadors  for  BJP states  n NDA’s choices for  Padma awards) are  concealing black money in their akharas?  What is truth  about  Naga Sannyasis &  Sannyasins?   Cleanliness  is not only about a   clean Ganga but cleanliness  in awarding   vessel contracts for running cruises ,  awarding contracts  for dredging n  DMRO/ ETP  sewage  treatment  & equally,  cleanliness  of  RSS’s  sister concerns &  sangha pracharaks n pracharikas.  In broad  day light  16 Avadhuts  of  Anandamargis  were murdered  in left regime on Bijan Setu , Kolkata. Cleanliness  is all about clearing all off such mysteries .   And,  also  NDA  should officially declare that  joint  economy & role  of welfare state &  HDI  are crucial in   a country’s growth –that  pure  laissez faire cannot  achieve  growth stories… that  opposed to a pure Gujarat  model, growth should emulate  a better  HDI  state model , eg Kerala

 TMC  came to  WB power  with a promise to clean off mysteries miring  3 decades of  left rule, but engaged  in unfortunate activities, thrashing those to back seats.

Today  NDA govt should publish a white paper  on its stands  on Ghar wapasis & Love Jihads--  on its stand  in Hindu   reincarnation vs   Islam domination n subjugation  dilemma  ,  is BJP accepting  Muslims & Christians as natural  cohabitants of  India?  Or,  they want  to opine like Bhavananda of Anandamath  that British has come  to rescue the Hindu milieu off  Muslim  tyranny …..

{ Yogi Adityanath's Men Telling Hindus To Rape Dead Muslim Women Is Beyond Shocking .In yet another instance of hate speech, a video has surfaced where a supporter of BJP leader Yogi Adityanath delivers a speech saying they should dig out dead bodies of Muslim women and rape them. In a high-pitched vitriol the unnamed supporter also holds forth statements like Muslims' voting rights must be taken away and how this is important for the creation of Hindu rashtra. While on one hand Yogi Adityanath shared the stage and listened in, on March 2 he said, "Hindus are liberal in nature and therefore the country is also liberal, and Muslims are safer in India than anywhere else in the world," at Virat Hindu Samavesh in Hubballi, Karnataka.}  

What is NDA’s  stand on  Mohanta Adityanath?  Simple show- causes  are non-yielding….if BJP has d only agenda of   India  as spoke Namo, why r they not expelling these  people from party n governance wherever they  r in control ???

It is a mystery that  both Mr Modi &  Mr Shah have been  given  clean chits by apex court.   When sedition charge  of Dr Vinayak  Sen is rescinded by d same court, we  can be 90%  sure of  its  impartiality &  jurisprudence.  Then, what is d reality about Godhra & Ahmedabad massacres?  Who were d culprits?  Why  were they not booked  or brought to fore?  Was it a sabotage stage-managed by  RSS –BJP combine with Advaniji at helm?  Did not Modiji have sufficient hold  to counter  ?   Do not all of us think that Modiji’s  recent love affairs with  Sardar Patel &  Gandhiji – the two Gujrarti sons of soil  lack  transparency of intentions?

2015 started  with a bang from  PM’s Mon Ki Baat… Beti Badhao , Beti padhao… ;  but  despite the bang the tempo did not pick up… because  s80 G  benefit  in unavailable  to  this scheme unlike Swachchhata avijan , which makes all  contributions  to  Swachchhata avijan  100%  tax free.   But  irrespective of  all  impetus to  purity &  navigability of  Ganga &  other rivers,  n a remote  possibility of too cost –intensive  linking of rivers ….,  there is no dearth  of  atrocities against women…. 

In PM’s  own state, so many lady  surrogates are  oppressed  financially &  sexually & physically , and finally ostracized  socially…  and everything cannot be a business.   Premature  determination & termination of female fetus is a heinous crime but flaring as an excellent business  in  so  many states   in a patriarchal  society &  women oppressed more by women than by men start   accepting  such abortions as normal.   And situation  in the area from western UP to Haryana &  western Rajsthan is so  grim at parts that   girls are abducted  , kidnapped , or  bought   from  eastern India’s poor  milieu  to bear children to  all brothers in a  family ( 1 husband & rest, devars)  and  if a  widower, the dad in law also  oppresses  her.   These  chained  ladies  are no better  than  devadasis &  sex workers,  rather  worse than  them being subjugated to slavery  unlike the  sex workers.      Eldest Girls  in certain MP tribes bear  the brunt of  serving as sex  workers;   girls  in normal   North India  household  die  dowry deaths  after unbearable miseries &  bonded labor    are vital  ingredients of   growth in farm outputs in   a vast  part of the nation. 

These  are  not religious  oppressions,  but the root  lies in  ethnic &  religious  discriminations & hatreds over  centuries  that have led to  sporadic protests  &  up-rises &  blood-baths  as exceptions.   If we  analyze  the  root,  we shall  find that    nobody has ever dared  striking  the Khaap system age –old  , where  Panch  dictates n decides fortunes of   masses  mainly belonging to  Dalits n mahadalits.  If v justv take  the case of  Jaats  ,  there are billionaires from them, not  paying  a single rupee  tax on agro income   100%  tax free.    Why could not Modi  govt dare to come out of  political  compulsions & mandate  taxation  of agro income above Rs 10  lac ???  This is d clan  who thought, they only decide  the PM of India. Swachh  Bharath   should embrace swachhta in all  the above fields….

Just  go thru  the  chief mentor of ISKCON

[By Bhaktivikasa Swami

The article “Husband as Guru” presents much of what could be considered common-sense advice for husbands struggling to come to the human platform. However, some grave faults mar what otherwise might in some contexts have been valuable suggestions. By predicting “that some men will not agree with me (although I doubt any woman will disagree)” the author anticipatingly dismisses any opposition from males as being mere chauvinism. I am currently imprisoned in a male body, but it is not on such flimsy grounds that I perceive significant blemishes in what he calls his “illumination.” The author constructs his thesis on a series of assertions (for instance, that “we have a higher divorce rate in ISKCON than in the outside society”) for which he submits no evidence. Presumably the reader is supposed to accept everything he says just because he says it. However, no serious scholar in any field would give credence to a series of opinions built on unsubstantiated pronouncements. Such is the stuff of cultism and propaganda, not intelligent journalism.

Also in short supply are quotations from guru, sadhu, and sastra – a triad that defines gender issues quite differently to the manner prevalent in today’s world. But by far the most disturbing element of the article is that the author contradicts Srila Prabhupada. He poses the question, “Is it the woman’s fault?” then paraphrases Srila Prabhupada by stating that “a failed marriage is usually the woman’s fault,” and follows with his own opinion: “if a woman has a good husband, she will stay loyal.” (Noticeably, the comment of Srila Prabhupada’s that the author feels compelled to oppose is directly derived from sastra – Srimad-Bhagavatam 4.4.3 – and concerns Sati’s disobedience to Lord Siva, whom I hope the author does not adjudge to have been “unreasonably demanding”). In effect, the author declares that he is right in this matter, and that Srila Prabhupada and sastra (and maybe Lord Siva also) are wrong. As if to emphasize his point, he twice states his assertion in exactly the same words. The underlying theme of the article, that disloyalty in women is caused by bad husbands, is observably not always true (I will refrain from providing sad stories here, so as not to add more pain and embarrassment to the concerned ex-husbands). Surely the main qualification of a husband as guru is that he himself be a strict follower of his own guru. Only a faithful disciple is fit to be a guru; to uphold the opposite to one’s guru places one outside the parampara and renders one disqualified to instruct anyone. To misuse the status of being a disciple of Srila Prabhupada to instruct others contrary to Srila Prabhupada’s teachings is clearly a type of cheating and a betrayal of Srila Prabhupada.

In the following purport, to SB 9.3.10, Srila Prabhupada offers guidance to wives who feel their husbands to be difficult and incompatible. Unlike at least one of his seemingly more enlightened disciples, Srila Prabhupada does not offer grounds for a woman to abandon a husband who she supposes to be not “good.” Being based on sastra and dispensed by an indisputably realized acarya, Srila Prabhupada’s advice is certainly more valuable and authoritative than the “illuminations” of anyone who has the audacity to contradict him.

“This is an indication of the relationship between husband and wife. A great personality like Cyavana Muni has the temperament of always wanting to be in a superior position. Such a person cannot submit to anyone. Therefore, Cyavana Muni had an irritable temperament. His wife, Sukanya, could understand his attitude, and under the circumstances she treated him accordingly. If any wife wants to be happy with her husband, she must try to understand her husband’s temperament and please him. This is victory for a woman. Even in the dealings of Lord Krsna with His different queens, it has been seen that although the queens were the daughters of great kings, they placed themselves before Lord Krsna as His maidservants. However great a woman may be, she must place herself before her husband in this way; that is to say, she must be ready to carry out her husband’s orders and please him in all circumstances. Then her life will be successful. When the wife becomes as irritable as the husband, their life at home is sure to be disturbed or ultimately completely broken. In the modern day, the wife is never submissive, and therefore home life is broken even by slight incidents. Either the wife or the husband may take advantage of the divorce laws. According to the Vedic law, however, there is no such thing as divorce laws, and a woman must be trained to be submissive to the will of her husband. Westerners contend that this is a slave mentality for the wife, but factually it is not; it is the tactic by which a woman can conquer the heart of her husband, however irritable or cruel he may be. In this case we clearly see that although Cyavana Muni was not young but indeed old enough to be Sukanya’s grandfather and was also very irritable, Sukanya, the beautiful young daughter of a king, submitted herself to her old husband and tried to please him in all respects. Thus she was a faithful and chaste wife.

Not all instructions of Srila Prabhupada were meant to be fully applicable in all times, places, and circumstances, and a responsibility of astute disciples is to point out exceptions and how to deal with them. Such guidance can be actually valuable if it is based on guru, sadhu, and sastra, not on hearsay and personal opinions. Members of ISKCON are duty-bound to uphold the authority and dignity of Srila Prabhupada, and should be careful to not even unwittingly position themselves as more knowledgeable, wise, and expert than he.]

Part 2

Roy was attacked by machete-wielding thugs. In an attack that some are comparing to the Charlie Hebdo killings, Avijit Roy, a prominent Bangladeshi-American atheist blogger, was hacked to death on Thursday evening in Dhaka by two machete-wielding thugs. His wife Rafida Ahmed, who was with him at the time, was also seriously wonded in the attack. According to  AFP Roy and Ahmed were returning home from a book fair when the attackers forced the bicycle rickshaw they were riding in to stop. They dragged Roy and Ahmed from the vehicle and then attacked them with machetes. Roy is reported to have died on the way to the hospital.

Roy's murder has sparked outrage in Bangladesh not just over the crime, but over what many see as a larger problem of Islamist violence. His death prompted a large demonstration  in Dhaka. Hundreds of protesters gathered to demand justice for Roy and denounce his killers.
The protesters carried signs and chanted "we want justice." The head of the Bangladeshi bloggers' association Imran Sarkar, said that Roy's murder had "once again proved that there is a culture of impunity in the country" and that the government must arrest the killers within 24 hours or "face non-stop protests."Roy's father has reportedly blamed Jamaat-e-Islami, a popular Islamist party, for "backing" the militants who murdered his son. In response, the party's acting secretary general issued an angry release denying any involvement in Roy's murder, and calling for the authorities to conduct a "credible and fair" investigation to find the "real murderers."

Islamists had reportedly threatened Roy before over his outspoken atheism
Roy described himself on his facebook page  as an "engineer by profession and a writer by passion." He had a "profound interest," he said, in "freethinking, skepticism, philosophy, scientific thoughts and human rights of people." He had won acclaim within the community of Bangladeshi atheists and bloggers for his writing. Hard line Islamic group have demanded laws prohibiting criticism of Islam and have called for the execution of atheist bloggers like Roy. Roy's father told the AFP  that Roy had received threats on email and social media from Islamists who objected to his work. Roy's work was well known in Bangladesh. He ran his own website, Mukto Mona, until several years ago, and was the author of ten books. According to  The Independent, his most recent books, Biswasher Virus ("Virus of Faith") and Obisshahser  Dorshon ("The Philosophy of Disbelief"), were controversial but critically well-received. Although Roy had suspended his work on Mukto Mona several years ago, today the site's content has been replaced with a single message in Bengali: "We mourn, but we are not defeated."

In December 2014, Bangladesh News 24 reports, a man named Shafiur Rahman Farabi had posted a message on a web forum lamenting that it would not be possible to kill Roy while he was in the United States, but that he would be murdered when he returned to Bangladesh. "Abhijit Roy lives in America and so, it is not possible to kill him right now. He will be murdered when he comes back."The Guardian reports that Farabi was arrested for making those threats, but that it was not clear whether he was free at the time of Roy's murder. Protests over Roy's death show the depth of controversy over atheism and religion in Bangladesh.To understand how Roy's life and murder fit into the larger issue of religion in public life in Bangladesh, it helps to look at another atheist blogger who was murdered in a machete attack, in 2013: Ahmed Rajib Haidar. Four students who were members of a little-known Islamist extremist organization confessed to his killing. Haider had been a prominent voice in the 2013 Shahbag protest which called for a death sentence for Islamist politician Abdul Quader Mollah over his role in crimes against humanity during Bangladesh's 1971 war of independence. The protests also demanded that Mollah's party, the same Jamaat-e-Islami that Roy's father blamed for his son's death, be barred from Bangladeshi politics. Haider's death triggered protests by thousands of secular activists. However, Islamist groups also increased their campaigns against other atheist bloggers, calling for them to be executed for blasphemy. The Islamist campaign was partially successful: the government arrested several prominent atheist bloggers and blocked a number of atheist websites. Human Rights Watch issued a statement at the time of the arrests, calling the detained bloggers "political prisoners" who had been jailed for peacefully expressing their views. This is the political climate that Roy, and  other like him, have operated in for years. It is one in which secular activists have never stopped pushing for the right to express their ideas publicly; but also one in which powerful Islamist groups believe that those secular voices should be silenced — if necessary, by death.

Young Humanists. Why to blame  Islam alone?
 Why to blame Iran alone? Banned Iranian director Jafar Panahi won Berlin film festival’s Golden Bear for Taxi, made from  behind the bars   … or  Contrary to Western women, who "don't care if they are raped on the roadside," Saudi historian Dr. Saleh Al-Saadoon asks, "What will become of [a Saudi woman]" who is raped? We are heartbroken today. Saudi Arabia has carried out the first 50 of 1,000 lashes against a liberal blogger, Raif Badawi, for "insulting Islam". As Charlie Hebdo has proved this week, images can be powerful. We believe Raif and the king Abudullah should be pictured together as often as possible. Please share this link and image. The world must know his name and the shame of Saudi Arabia…More devastating horror from religious terrorists. Two-thousand people feared killed yesterday in Baga, northern Nigeria. Boko Haram militants "burnt down almost the entire town". Many had already fled after earlier raids, some drowning in Lake Chad. Many of those who remained now lie in the streets. A senior official says the town is now "virtually non-existent".A writer in Mauritania has been sentenced to death for “apostasy”, putting the crime of leaving Islam on a par with the country’s sentencing for terrorism and murder.  A powerful article in the Pakistan Tribune, by human rights campaigner Dr Farzana Bari. After recent events including Christians burnt alive, a 6-year-old girl form the Hazara community raped and killed, a "blasphemer" shot in prison by his own guard, assassinations and suicide bombings, Bari comments: "Most of these crimes against humanity were committed by invoking religion as a pretext… these incidents of brutality should not be seen and condemned as isolated incidents. Such violence and vigilantism is the result of the jihadist policy that the state has followed. A radicalised mindset has been systematically created and supported in order to pursue political interests within the country and in the region."

Why  not  Ireland?  Or Vatican?  Beatification (from Latin beatus, "blessed" and facere, "to make") is a recognition accorded by the Catholic Church of a dead person's entrance into Heaven and capacity to intercede on behalf of individuals who pray in his or her name (intercession of saints). A Catholic priest and a nun from Kerala were conferred sainthood by Pope Francis at Vatican on Sunday.
Father Kuriakose Elias Chavara, popularly known as Chavara Achen, and Sister Euphrasia, popularly known as Evuprasiamma, were in April this year cleared by the Pope for sainthood.
Pope Francis pronounced them as saints at a special mass at St Peter's Square at Vatican. The ceremony included a Latin hymn and a recommendation by a representative of the Congregation for the Saints.
A proposed change to the abortion law to legalise terminations in fatal foetal abnormality cases has been rejected by the Irish parliament.
The bill was proposed by Independent Socialist Dáil member (TD) Clare Daly.

She said it was cruel and inhumane that women carrying a child with a fatal foetal abnormality have to travel to England for an abortion.
The bill was defeated by 104 votes to 20. All Sinn Féin TDs abstained from the vote. Labor TD Anne Ferris voted against her party's coalition government on the issue. However, the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission is challenging the minister, saying his proposals do not go far enough. It believes abortion should be the legalized in cases of serious fetal abnormality, rape and incest. Similar is  our case  in India… It is historical fact  that  India’s  Hindu  rules  were  subjected  to  Muslim aggression from across the  border , &  even the Aryan Hindus  that have ruled  India  for  thousands of years , have been invaders … Shakas, Hynas,  Kushanas,  all have  invaded  & ruled part of India  for  some period or other  &  become  integral part  of Indian society.  It is  absolutely genuine  to  glorify  the  Hindu  rule… but , to do this,  RSS  has  waged  a  long war against  various  Christian organizations ,  so many churches & silent protesters  in Churches & chapels  in capital  / NCR,  &  also  across Bengaluru &  other  parts of India.  They  have targeted  Christians  more than  Muslims now  &   now  the target is Mother Teressa; Mohan Bhagawat  of RSS to  Shivsena mouthpiece Samna & Meenaxi Lekhi  of BJP all   are barking  together ,  a sane word came  from Arvind  Kejriwal  &  the muffler man who met Mother prayed for sparing the noble soul.  Conversion,  re-conversion, love Jihaad, ghar  wapasi….    What  Gujarat inferred , what  Iran inferred , what  Pakistan inferred , are  all attuned ,---we are  all  insanes  when it comes to rationality… all  cleansings  are  leading to  ethnic cleansing , howsoever  hatred  may  anybody  have towards  Heir Hitler , the Nazi nationalist Aryan  leader….  And today   same  cleansing  Jews are   spawning  on  Palestinian Gaza n West Bank.

Religion is an opium  , a Drug  that is  Religion,  which spreads more hatred than love.   I  had a very peculiar experience  in 1993 in Jamshedpur.  As a member of  Rationalist Society  we went to a  Catholic faith program  in Agrico area.  The  program was sponsored  by  Tinplate… prayer was  on  &  pool  of   believers started  pouring in to share  their experience of gaining sight/  hearing/  legs  just  on the strength of the  prayer  of  the  Father ….  And  there was a little girl who dared  speak out that  she was still unable to see…  they were  all tribal Christians &  armed  with  bows & arrows.  The  girl was  censured  as a sinner .  Surprisingly , next day  Bible copies were  found burnt  … and info was  that  ABVP guys did it  , but Police was after  Rationalists…

In my later endeavor  in short political spectrum  I  observed  that  hardly any  radically leftist party too can call  reservation a  reactionary  tool to favor  well off  OBCs. In  fact,  in all  political parties in  a democracy,  it is the creamy layer of  SC/ ST/ OBC   that  gets the maximum mileage  of votes  from the clan & so enjoy the richest dividend.   It is  for this purpose that even radical leftist parties  do not  march forward  to  clean of medieval  witchcraft , despite knowing fully well  the black spot that it creates  in a society. Cleansing calls  for  the  cleansing of  such mindset,---  against  a  practice of  putting a minority  candidate in a minority area  most politically.  When  a  pull is needed to ascend to power, TMC  takes the help  of the radical part of Muslim society, call it Jamat, call it Maulavis….  And  they support infiltration unabated into India… just for  a vote bank politics… day in & day out…   It is from this audacity  that   Fatwas  are  issued  for Muslims  to vote for AAP  in Delhi election , which Mr Kejriwal rejects  thru public stt… it would be very difficult to prove whether  he met Mr Imam Bukhari or not,  but  all  these create  the worst of   unclean  precedence,  the way  Khaap  medieval culture flourishes  on Indian soil  &  youngsters  slaughtered  in the name of  upholding goth’s  prestige & pride .



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