Wings of heaven
Setting the bars on fire
Crouching the paws of solace
Cursing the price of savage persistence
And to take its hand comes a homeless ruler
Ruling the gauche multitude
Swaying through the marine nests
Taking them to the shrine of holy dealers
Playing with arms, with jaguars, with the immense prophecy
He comes to see the life of hunger
Has he tasted baseless strength?
Does he know the divine hurricane of breathing sands?
limiting its way to horrendous dark mornings
And seamless nights seek its existence
We see the clouds die
We see the mornings fade
He sees us longing for superiority
And alone he dances in the parakeets
Humanity sees its sparks
And she lives the magnitude.


Limitless he lives
Strikes beyond the mountains of forgery
Higher the bondage, darker the depth
And he sees the shadow- less stars
Craving its way through the puppet land
Carving its beauty in significance
Immense breath it takes to signify the voluptuous mercury
and deeper the bread goes , brighter the dark age gets
Surrounded by volatile curfew he dances
She sees the honour in the timeless pendulum
He cries till the ocean revives its blood
The night greens her struggle
His agony melts to the cancerous nerve
They see the nodal sunset
We see the barking dawn
Everyone fades to sincerity solace
Precious leather leaves it's Rome
We reach our common horizon
The string snaps significance to the merciless mighty

The sun set in the vivacious daylight
Glorifying the nectar of peace within
We see our hands open to sarcastic thirst
Quenching our existence we die
We live for fragility, for tranquillity
He lives for metallic Symmetry
I carve your fingers on the painted Brazil
She outlines her sceneries for world unsettled
She dies a million deaths before she's alive
He encounters endangered eccentricity
The peacock showers the roses on words hollow
Empty lives signify potential , ensembling statures
They die at the mourning dusk
He lives till the last leaf rejects peace
Tranquillity sees its mascara
Aromaticity gives in to the new moonshine
The maroon satire takes away longevity
Velcro on the moon's holds the flying faith
Open to escape she goes
He gives the grass camphor
Grenade faces the gerund
Kites end at sensex.



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