Every moment in time

your words and thoughts carry flowers
sensitive strings are tied in my silver
love roses guard every moment in time
daydreaming give me strength in my winter song

joy is a plant that requires water
and I greet you in connection and language
under unknown skies we were born here
and sought between sprays to happiness

a narrow rocky path leads to soft moss
beautifies the battered into my life
I fervently embrace your compassionate soul
and wake up in the distant past


guns shooting through dreams
ammunition will damage the world
how can you murder a fellow human
atrocity to become sick of

it strokes against the law of soul development
sick minds as psychopaths
continue floating on the ocean of hatred and power
there is a short in the wiring

the light don't accept  these mutants any longer
and asks permission to spread the love
old and wise souls consider
and give the signal to maintain security

Forge of dreams

you are the conductor of my heartbeat
the rhythm finds mysterious sounds
I lose myself in your forge of dreams
fantasy demands fever of desire

signs marking passionate routes
the fire of sweet honey erupts
your horizon gobbles grim days
and your brush paints gray skies into blue

my emotions are safe in your sanctuary
your melody flows in love and harmony
deeply touching are the rays of infinity
I love you intense with all my heart

© Bianca & Gerhard


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