Pleasure is always at the end of it.
Arising from my soul like a demon from the depths of despair.
Inner peace can only be found by suffering this immensely as part of the process.
Never giving up no matter how hard it gets is the measure of a real man.



The people of my jaded past are slowly slipping away,
I would fill you in on the details but that’s for another day,

I have become the man that I always wanted to be,
When I walk up those hills it’s like my soul is set free,

I think that some people can never forgive or at least forget,
I'm moving on anyway, I have no fear or hold regret,

Learning about being a single parent has been a very big task,
I have done it on my own though others advice I'm afraid to ask,

My little prince is now blossoming and his life is filled with light,
The dark clouds of my past are lifted and the future looks so bright,

In my mind I am not happy and there are things I need to do,
I thought I would write this poem as a thanks from me,to you.........

(Tribute to an amazing inspirational woman - this is a true story of a woman cut from the cloth
of a family of gods finest )

When I heard this story it tore at my heart,
What should I do and where should I start?

It made me feel awful in my mind until last night,
I know what to do Dave; I’ll take notes down and write,

I was shown the beautiful picture of an angelic cheeky face,
You have given the gift if happiness she has dignity, poise and grace,

You’re an amazing type of person, to me one of gods best,
The night you went to the hospital you passed his biggest test,

You acted with pure selflessness just busting with thought and care,
To lift a fallen angel from hell and her despair,

The things that she suffered while being so small,
It’s unimaginable to me; I've been told she will never crawl,

How people on this earth can act with such disregard,
Most choose the easy way in life, yet what you do is hard,

You took in a shining star from one week old of birth,
2 years have gone by now and you have given her the earth,

The amount of admiration I have for you could fill the deepest ocean,
Take this poem as my thanks to you, for your care and great devotion x

DAVE HILL 2015 ©


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