We looked through the looking glass
to see what we could see
We looked at mankind’s history past
and of the promised future        that’s to be

We studied the pain and suffering
and of all the things we brake
of what peace on earth will bring
the paradise of      which you spake

We have contemplated lives entwined with ours
upon their hearts and thought
the lack of tender childhood find
and the painful life that       it has brought

We have listened to all the stories
and paid attention to lessons laid
considered all virtuous glories
and the commands of Love      you bade

Even still with all we’ve sought
perfection in ourselves we do not find
instead we this accursed lot
that affects our hearts            and mind

Seems no matter how hard we strive
it is imperfection we all do
we find the law of sin alive
the impossibility of          faultess true

We sought out wisdom     and foolishness
found pleasure    and stabbing pain
our education is oft lost on us
our own stupidity           in mind takes reign

Only one example has shown the Light
of what a faultless man could be
in every instance his judgment right
displayed an understanding        we could see

If ever there was beauty to be found within a man
someone must have witnessed it and showed a divine plan
nothing in mankind’s history has overcome his lust for war
its beyond our imagination     to die for Love our overture

A majestic character and personality
you have sought to teach
with human stories with their understanding
each ones heart                have sought to reach

James 1:22-25
Proverbs , Ecclesiastes


Mankind lives in an constructed maze
to occupy his heart and off truth to gaze
tightly woven ideology disguised as true
to keep the facts from coming into view

A world designed to feed ones greed
to convince inhabitants to exceed their need
the pursuit of pleasures and mammons wealth
competition and vanity disguised as health

The dark ages have become darker yet
when majority have materialism as mindset
love of family and neighbor is reduced
inflamed selfcenterness has Satan induced

A life of luxury many seek to attain
to develop good character do many abstain
ambition for substance does quality drain
and know not why ones existence is pain

Generosity and hospitality things of the past
the revelry and parties society holds fast
if you don’t partake you become outcast
those in the know know the party won’t last

to seek ones fortune and acquire it’s fame
within books of history to have ones name
contemn your neighbor as not the same
and for self failure do others blame

Fame rarely attracts true affection
but character within upon inspection
honesty and loyalty things to value
without fidelity no friendship is true

To inspect ourselves in light of whats good
and distinguishing qualities are understood
days that are filled with useless chatter
not considering the values that really matter

What we desire to impart to each other
will determine whether enemy or brother
givers and takers in one world live
in demonstration Jesus chose to give

So many this life has richly gifted
with talents they’ve used others have lifted
Hype, this system with all it’s gloss
a possessor of things but character loss


I found you in the Mountains
and her streams
not among     cherished traditions
where   mankind   clings
but in the songs    of the meadow larks
within the forest      and the valley’s   parks

Oh how excellent are your ways   my beloved
and the course you set         is always true
your reflections give light         just like the sun
to follow you  is the path      I’ll always choose

My heart swells     as the floodgates of the rivers
as a torrent of waters       which are undammed
its flow like the      tidal’s     power the oceans
my attention is riveted     by their demands

Among men shall I find      none like you
or the spectrum      of talents you possess
the seeds of inspiration       do they empower
and it’s influence I      wish always to  express

You mind moves swift          as waves of Light
their energy is formed   and fired by  thought
your influences   governs life by its commands
and the trails of life        are in them wrought

Unable am I    to ignore      all that is you
and the abuses      from which I have been torn
that drives and strives     excellence to pursue
to escape the slumlords       where I was born

Romans 8:4-6
New International Version (NIV)
4 in order that the righteous requirement of the law might be fully met in us,
who do not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.
5 Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh
desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set
on what the Spirit desires.6 The mind governed by the flesh is death,
but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.


Poetry of Providence
via Duboff Law Group LLC]


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