As the days passed, Cemal had begun to open out the fog curtain that conquered his brain. Two finalized folders had given him some  hope. He worked day and night and tried not to remember what happened. Jülide was under arrest and in jail. She didn't utter a word about her reason for killing Jlae. The policemen responsible for this case were specially careful about not mentioning the details of this murder when Cemal was around. However there was no progress made on the beheaded murder cases. The last body found belonged to contracter Emin Yıldırım who was known as Torn Emin. This man who was responsible for the lives of people who died under the collapsed constructions and rubbles on seventieth of October Earthquake, was discharged with pardon benefit like the other victims.

One night when Cemal was trying to be 'a fish in raki bottle', the telephone rang.  A new beheaded body was found. Cemal who hardly put his head up from the calm lake of sorrow, quickly got on the road. Night had steered his nails through the city. Black clouds blockaded the moon. Cemal was driving his car towards a dirty obscurity. When he reached the point of incident the usual scene had welcomed him. This time the inscription saying 'We touched with our hands to the people's grieves. A big ‘D’  showed in the midst of it's chest.

In the following days the identity of the victim was clarified.
The victim was Ali Sonay known as Cin Ali. His criminal record was huge, he was a master swindler who hurt many people. He sswindled a lot of people, promising that he would make a lot of people retire from Bağkur despite their lack of insurance premiums. Cin Ali, like all other victims, had been discharged from pardon benefit.

Cemal was totally confused with this case. On the one hand he had to find the murderer, on the other he couldn't  help justifying the murderer. Anyway the murderer left no clue behind and made no mistakes. Even though this situation was on his favor, occupational responsibility was biting Cemal like a torn.

He had thought a lot about the carved inscriptions on the bodies, but could not give a meaning to them yet. The murderer was sending his message in an obscure way. And committing murders more frequently. In a morning where gloom had invaded the sky, another beheaded body was found. Again with broken bones with hammer strokes and cigarette burns, he was lying on the side of a street. This was the sixth body that was found. The following day Ümit came to Cemal with his report:

''Chief are you available?''

''Yes what is it?''

''I brought the report about the body found yesterday.''

''No clue again, isn' that so?''

Saying ''Unfortunately, Ümit bowed his head slightly, as if it was his fault.''

Cemal asked ''What is the  criminal record this time?'' as he was crushing his cigarette in the ashtray like a bug.

''This time it is the worst of all, his name is Necati Tandoğan. He had raped a little girl and killed her. Then he threw the body to the cesspool...''

''Honourless motherfucker!'' said Cemal, clenching his fist and pressing his teeth hard.

''And the most dishonorable of all, Chief'' said Ümit and continued:

''Due to the law of pardon, in cases of rape which ended with murders like this, the psycho's punishments were set to zero...''

''God damn it's true'' responded Cemal, in an extremely tense manner.

''This wicked psycho called Necati also have served his sentence, then discharged after the benefit of pardon.''

''What kind of justice is this! The guy rapes a small girl, kills her and throws her to the shithole, and then the state pardons his murders. What kind of shit is this! What the hell'

''It is written on the back of the body 'As our singularity was drowning in the moonlight'. 'And he has the letter T on his chest.''

''Uhm...'' ''Let's see where this will lead.'' ''Ok go on'' said Cemal carelessly...

Again Cemal had imprisoned his loneliness in his house. The sun had left long ago after touching the roofs. Darkness had spread all over the city like virus. He finished his third glass. He took another piece of cheese. Although he didn't want to catch the murderer of the beheaded corpses the pressure of his Chief officers were increasing considerably. He was getting serious scolding. Even though he was unwilling, he had to solve this case in order to go on with his career . He started writing the inscriptions carved on the backs of bodies one under the other:

Which silkroad multiplies the sequence of letters....K

He suddenly realized when he put all these inscriptions on the other,, there appeared a name from the initials. ''There's written Hikmet here!.. Isn't it that?... Tell me?.. Ok i found. This is an acrostic.''

He immediately called Ümit: ''Yes what can i do for you?'' '' Ümit it's me.'' ''Yes Chief.''

''Your cousin was a literature teacher wasn't he?''


''I've found a clue with this beheaded murders. I need your cousin. Call him and ask if he is available for tomorrow so we can drop by.''

''Ok chief.''

When he put down the telephone, he was excited but also  sad.

''Sorry buddy. I have to catch you'' he murmured.

The following day Cemal got the address of Ümit's cousin and went  to the school in which he worked around noon time. During lunch break, he met the teacher and went to a tea garden.

He handed over the paper in his hand saying ''Here Mister Hüseyin, the acrostic.'' Taking a sip from his tea, Hüseyin stared at the pape.

''Let's see...These are all verses.''


''Yes, these are verses from famous poets.'' The first verse 'Which silk road multiplies the series of letters' belongs to Kermal Özer. The K letter nearby is Kemal Özer's K. The verse underneath belongs to Ece Ayhan. E letter nearby symbolizes this. The other verses respectively; Cemal Süreyya, Edip Cansever, İsmet Özel and Turgut Uyar... I understand your murderer love the Second New a lot.''

''Is there any poet by the name Hikmet?'' asked Cemal curiously.

''Well I wouldn't know...You may find some information from literature magazines. The beginners send lots of poems toı the magazines. His address can be found from there.''

''Thank you very much said Cemal.'' with a warm smile spreading on his face...

He returned To the police station immediately and sent the assistants to well-known literary journals to make investigation. In a couple of hours, the whole team came back:

''Chief we ascertained the suspect's identification and address.'' said Ümit with pride.

 ''Very well''

''But there's more...''

''Let's hear it.''

''Well captain, our cousin thought very well. The suspect sent his poems to the literary journals. We ascertained his full name and open address from a journal. Hiss name is Hikmet Çeliköz. He is an interior architect and...''


''You know the last body we found, that one who raped the small girl and killed her...''

''Yes!?'' ''Well that little girl was Hikmet Çeliköz's sister. Cemal swallowed his pain. He put himself in Hikmet's poisition in an instant.

''Chief, this Hikmet Çeliköz was peaceful and harmless guy. Although this incident hurt him very much, he has continued his life in a normal way. But when this psycho was discharged from jail by this law of pardon, he became isolated. Left his job and stopped seeing anyone.

''Ok, understood'' sighed Cemal. ''Prepare the teams. We're going to make a raid. As soon as the teams were ready, they went to raid Hikmet's house. Doors were broken, they went inside, but Hikmet was not at home. The superintendent said he saw Hikmet going towards the pier half an hour ago. All teams headed quickly towards the pier.

And Hikmet, his feet fixed to the edge of the pier, screamed as if the veins of his throat were exploding: ''This has to come to an end...''

Then an impertinent silence tinkled in their ears. The moon extended it's head between the brunette clouds and grinned.

Even though the sea was waiting with mother’s care her arms opened, Hiikmet couldn't throw himself into the deep peace. 

He wanted to get purified, but couldn't succeed. Couldn't resign from life...Committing suicide couldn't be brought into action easily as  he had dreamed... He understood. His mind was decisive to go back while his feet pretended not to understand. It was neither easy to go back nor to jump into the sea. At the instant he returned and made a step, his head-hung in the manner of a student who got zero from the oral test, he heard the sirens. Putting up his head, his eyes met the spotlights of the police cars. This was a big chance for Hikmet. If you can't fall down from life's balcony, somebody could push you into obscurity. It was easier to do so.
The whole team, getting out of the cars at the pier, pulled out their guns. Cemal was standing in front his team with his revolver ready to shoot.

''Hikmet! Surrender!''

''Welcome Cemal. Welcome my angel of death. Don't think that you won this game. I gave it to you as a gift.'' Cemal's hand was shaking for the first time when he was directing his gun at somebody.  And his heart was stammering.  He didn't want to harm Hikmet, but he had to do his duty. If he had the chance he would have given a medal to Hikmet, but he was a policeman and he had to act in accordance to laws. Even though, laws didn't bring Justice. He was approaching Hikmet with small and anxious steps. He was frightened to death that he Hikmet would do something wrong and he would have to shoot him.

''Come on Hikmet, don't do something  stupid. Surrender! This is the end!''

''The end! Well..What will happen now? I will surrender, go to jail. Well...Will they also pardon me in two years!?

''Look I understand you very well. I mean I become mad from anger when I put myself in your position. I was depressed because of what happened to your sister and this psycho benefiting from the pardon... But now you must surrender...It has come to an end...

''Come to an end, is that so!? What about me becoming inhuman - somebody who hasn't even slaughtered a chicken in his life!? I,  a harmless gentleman, had to establish my own justice...Huh!..Ok, who pushed me into being both the judge and the executioner!? Tell me buddy what has come to an end!?
The shield of Cemal's heart was torn into pieces. He  felt as if he was directing his gun to his own brother.

''Don't do this Hikmet, surrender. Don't leave me alone with the pain of consciously shooting you. Surrender. There’s no place to escape.''

''Escape!? No one can escape from himself Cemal...''

''Ok Hikmet. Slowly raise your hands up and surrender.''

Hikmet didn't give any answer. He looked at Cemal with empty eyes. And he quickly directed his hand to his belly as if he was pulling out his gun. In fact he had no gun on him.

Cemal with his professional reflex, had two rapid shots. Two forced bullets, passed through Hikmet's chest. One in the middle of his heart, which was the metropol of pain. Hikmet's dead body rose into the air with the force of the bullets. A peaceful smile was spread on his face.

He fell into the sea as if he was falling into his mother's womb.  The sea embraced and cherished Hikmet on it's bosom. A fistful of blood was left on the water that belonged to Hikmet...

On the pier Cemal kneeled down and started crying without any care for the others...And again the rain...Which this time it was the teardrops of the sky which pierced the night.



Translated by Metin Anli
Edited by Aparajita Sen


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