Great turmoil underneath the water
Movements in tectonic plates
Shakes and jerks in earth crust
Movements in memory lane
Ahhhh !!!
Is that possible after the aftershocks of jerks?
Illusions might be speaking to me
Direct confrontation...
Neuronal ruckus
Tearing the veins apart
Change in blood colour
Dark red to dying dusk...
Going pale and fade
Within the aril of bones...
Swelling soul exists
In a cynic dimension...
Fore brain strikes back again
Grey matter tries to accumulate
Beyond this illusion
Lies the abstract reality
Age nibbles at life
Have I really lost my memory?
“Or the illusions of dead bodies
With living souls”
My soul has left my body
Reality strikes...


The lesson to be learnt so long ignored.
A lesson the heaven themselves assured.

The morning blue skies
Sunshine is bright
Inhaling the fresh air ... In the deep blue eyes ...

Storm sat beside you ... with a sweet smile

Smile adorns the face so eloquently
The recipient reciprocates in spontaneity
A smile so much contagious
Invokes effects so gorgeous!
Remember to smile
No matter what
There’s always a reason
To just smile ...
Smile is hidden deep in tears
So let the tears flow in path of dreams
It will flood the dry land of fears
And will heal the scars of wounded years

Smile not just to me but to all you can see
Spread the wings of hope and fly freely
To the heaven above leave the land of worry
To the thirsty sand pour your tears gently ...

Your smile gives reasons for tomorrow
To bright the sun and whisper to wind to blow
Just smile and wait to fear to frown ...
To shine the moon and light the stars to glow ...

Smile and the world smiles with you, so the saying goes,
Where it came from, where it was born, no-one really knows.

But truth will out, where there’s a smile because it is contagious,
Be it just a little grin, or a smile completely outrageous.

A smile come not just from the lips, for it does not then beguile,
It comes from within your eyes, for it is there ...
You find a smile ...
In the wet sunshine

I covered my hesitation

With my long hair
Kissed by the sunshine ... with a simple smile

The sweetly scented velvet ... of morning glory

Petals of Love bloom ... with a shy smile ...
So Smile always ...loves to see the smil


Shriveled agility
And insidious flares
In her eyes
Revealing dark
Susceptibility and
Portraying an indifferent appearance
Yet morbid

Like a person longing
To hate or calumniate
A brooding figure
And one gets the feeling
The feeling that she is
Hiding a weapon
A destructive substance
Alluring specter grey

Dark clouds above
She and the night are
Dark perfumed attire
Casting sinister yet
Attractive glances here and there,
She seems to be in a hurry
But like a dark pillar she stood
Her black face covered by her dark skeins
The dark voices now sing
With wintry shadows outside
Bare branches trembling
In the garden that dried
Hold on to the dreams gone
Sometime they may return
From under black winged swan
That gave its somber yearn

Her purse is black
Her shoe coal black
Receding from the asphalt
Into the darkness
Yet visible she is active and attractive
In a dangerous manner
Her spirit is high tonight

In the lonely
Yet tumultuous street
She stood silent
In the brooding darkness
She quietly stood.



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