If you could see the angel's truest dreams
You'd know her gypsy heart dances on air
Through the storm that rages in her broken soul
She still holds tight to a beauty beyond compare

Her face alight with the smile of true peace
As she loses herself in the song the stars sing
When she's free to believe in her destiny
She finds the wonder at the core of everything

The clouds hold her suspended in a world above
The lightening breaks across her horizons eye
The thunder keeping cadence to her heart's beat
Raindrops replace the trail of tears she's cried

The joy of the dance carries her far away
To where the stars know her true name
And sing a harmony only she can hear
While galaxies whirl to her inner refrain

Watch her when she loses the weight of pain
That has held her existence to the ground
And hear her laughter as she flies free
Her broken wings in glory fully unbound

Someday she will forget to find her way back
Lose her shadowed heart in the peace of true flight
Sing there with the storm in wild abandon
Become but another star in the heart of twilight-JK


I have wandered on eternal quests
Have braved the heat of the dragons lair
Yet the one mission I have not fulfilled
Is how to touch the heart of my lady fair

I know you have long been imprisoned
And your castle become an iron cage
But oh for the chance to set you free
How many wars in truth would I wage

I know it is fear that holds you bound
And the memory of wounds wrought in time
But trust me lady you have never touched
A brave heart so true as mine

She replied oh my gentle warrior soul
You have always been my most steadfast knight
But to break through this shell I wear
You will have to take up your greatest fight

And it will not be easy dearest soul
The journey fraught with my endless dark
But it’s the only way imaginable
To see the light that shines in this broken heart

Put down your sword and listen close
My deepest secret to you I will share
Only with much time and patience
Can you hope to see the inner lady fair

You must be a constant in my darkest sky
Show me through courage the heart of my knight
You must prove to me over and again
That I am always worth the fight

If you dare to brave this treacherous path
You may find where my soul hides its simple light
Tell me are you strong enough my dear
To be the warrior that dances through my starry night?-JK


I've seen his face so often in my life and in my dreams
has it only been for an hour or lifetimes as it seems
I've known him forever, has always been by my side
my cover, my shelter, my shoulder when I've cried
has watched me through the distance
directing every step I make
my conscience when I'm lost my morning sun when I'm awake
the earth that holds me bound, the light that leads my way
my white knight when I'm caged, my home while I'm away
and even though I've known him, I could never quite see
who was behind the mask, who he was meant to be
he hid himself so well that I almost passed it by
but in one chance moment I finally saw him fly
we sat beside a stream watching water fall thru stones
the wind whispered gently to us ,the world shut out we were alone
as I watched a whirlpool
of unending waters play on
the person beside me became reality and all his walls were gone
his wings unfolded so gently and wrapped slowly around my heart
and I knew that forever more our souls would never part
his faced glowed like the sun, his eyes held a million stars
I knew nothing would ever harm me again in this reality of ours
he held me close to his warmth, his breath soft on my hair
and I held on to each moment, the world no longer there
his strength flowed thru me, his light surrounding my soul
we listened to the harmony, that we both had once known
the nightmares no longer held me
all of my prayers forever answered by the smile on his face
for one precious moment in time it was only he and I
and he taught me lovingly
to unfold my wings and fly
though he knew enough to let me go, he knew I would return
for true flight is a test indeed, and I had so much to learn
as I landed softly beside him, he held me his heartbeat soothing my fears
he reveled in my wonder. The joy behind the golden tears
I had finally found myself, the two parts blended into one
and I knew our real journey had only just begun
as each new day goes by, it’s hard to find my way
but behind the pictures others see, I see one moment replay
and I find I have to smile, though no one may ever know why
for this our special world, the shaman and I-JK



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