The clothes in the clothe's line
Are waiting for a massive Sun
The summer is waiting for a monsoon
To hand over the season
The words imagery and language
Are waiting for a poet to write a poem

·         A SHORT STORY

She in her thirties
A beautiful busy entrepreneur
No time to pick up phone
Busy on her own calls always
She wanted her husband to buy
A jaguar as her birthday gift
Her mother calls at times, but
Has not time to attend.
Sometimes takes the cell, says,
"mom, shall I call you later?"
" O.k. my dear"
Some times she never could
Call back
After a couple of days she visits
Mother with valuable presents
Spends time to eat together
The mother in grey
Toddles due to knee pain,
With other ailments, and is
Very happy on seeing her
Loving daughter
One day her mobile rang
Several times, she couldn't
Pick it up for two consecutive days
On the third day she went to
See her mother with lofty gifts
And to sit and eat together
A small crowd welcomed her
Got in home ,she saw her mother
Lying in the mobile mortuary
Waiting her for long time.


I long to do my work of arts 
Out of nothingness
The Turkish contemporary artist
Asiye Aytan made wonders on canvas
With ink and brush, in deep colors.
I wish to bring out such art in my poetry
Let someone give me a pen
A paper, alphabets and words
I will convert it to paint canvas and brush
Let me paint the life nature and cosmos
I will draw the infinity and finally
I will concentrate on the reality of
Vedic thought that heaven and earth
Are nowhere else but within the physique
Of a human itself



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