Our love affair began with the melodic creations designed by our sacred verses
Not sure if the affair was a blessing or a curse
At night I would drown in my emotions and empty them on the notebook paper line by line
Anxiously awaiting for your intense documented romantic reply
The mailman appearing on my doorstep was the highlight of my eye
But even more when he would smile and say I do have the envelope you're so eagerly looking for
You would pour your adornment for me
As we anticipated how our first meeting would be and I would perpetuate there was no risk to take since you professed each feeling with such detailed meaning
But when I rushed to the mailbox today
The mailman's demeanor was displaced
As if he knew what the letter's words were going to say
It read our affair must end
He met a new love
And he said sorry
And left it open ended
My initial reaction
I'm going to be ok
So I sat the letter down
Letting the hurt infiltrate
My soul not just hurts but aches
I took the letter and read it once more
Without a second take
Ripped it
In several pieces
All those moments spent
Were wasted
My anger has to cease this
I call my ex
Told him I want only sex
He obliged
But before he gets there I have a sense of pride so I decide
To rip my shirt multiple times
He will think its sexy
I will know it represents my mind
So he comes and goes
I act as though I am grand
Out of habit I pick up the notebook
And my pen
And wrote
Well I had to rip up that page
And many once again
Equates my own love life
Transformed to


The softness in my heart crystallized to pure ice and the indestructible pressure has profound feelings detrimental because you're the vice that leads me from solace to nice my relentless shyness transforms the nice look to calmly fade you see I thought you were the one for me but I am unsure now did I fabricate an imagery expecting to excel to holy matrimony what's unsettling no hunches or hints are showing steps towards that reality our status contradicts my thesis of what I feel and felt many unaccounted for minutes distinctly tested the compelled strife of my desire in my heart to suspend in this foresight but I made sure to endure the thunderous roars and the mountainous monumental winds as they began to thrash against my windows and doors my refusal to run made me stand in the stillness as the rain poured splashing all of my entity and physically pushing me I am weakening our paradise isn't appearing as the beauty it was in the beginning why is this storm invading our serenity I am trying to comprehend are we going to be married or is our destiny coming to an end so much uncertainty I am feeding just play our song maybe that's what we both need to get back together and along



Baby I know the words that I spewed
I complained you misconstrued
But really you didn't
I just didn't mean for them to hurt you
Its just that things are complicated and my feelings shamefully have vacated
to another space
Look at me I am trying to save face
I am stuck my admission of this hurts me to my core
Everytime I bring this up
You non-verbally cast off you're bored
I feel our relationship is stagnate and going in the direction of no place
The downess of your head shows me you would rather I lie instead
But that's not me
I lay next to you but I am feeling empty emotionally
I need the fire back unsure you desire that
You appear complacent also
So why put on a fake Colgate smile while inside I'm feeling awful
Many times I want to say something
But I fight to provide this insight
Knowing it always creates more distance
Between us
Which then stifles us to reunite
Or ignite the fire
I know we both aspire
I want you to help me to
Love you
Beyond what we agreed upon rightfully in the beginning
Take my hand and reintroduce yourself to me
I want to relearn you
We both evolved
Your issues and concerns I want to help solve
And picture
Our relationship now is weaker
But with a newfound sensation jamming
Our union will no longer be standing
We become fluid
Flowing beauty
Our caressing is sharing unselfishly
The warmness is sparing our solidity from dying
Effortlessly creating a tighter bond
Without even trying
I want you to know me
Every ounce
Tour my infinity
We can do this
Not by you
Not by me
But we
Its my fault its like this
I think
As I kiss your cheek
In this moment let's journey
To our everlasting destiny



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