Clouds were sent as shades
Over their heads
Manna the food was
Given to extrude their hunger, Musa
On command by the Almighty
Divided the  ocean into two
To make way out for them from chaos
He tapped on rocks with his wand
And twelve rivers sprang out for them
In no time.
All by the direction of God
But they were not satisfied with the
Heavenly manna, the holy water and
The lapwing birds allotted to them
They complained to Musa that they
Could not live eating the same food
In the whole of their lifetime
They wanted spinach, cucumber
Wheat, spices and onion to
Make varied meals
Again the Almighty reminded
The Israelites that he has rescued
Them from the cruelties of the
Pharaoh and guided them to peace
But still peace is far away from them.


Years after I went to my grandma’s house
An old mangostin tree at the left corner of
The entrance, my uncle planted long time since
The leaves of which shuffled in the wind
Inside the compound wall the bed of roses
Was replaced by a doberman’s cage
The sun pierced in through the iron rails of
The window with the sharp glowing rays in
The dusk which showed me the change of
Shining vitrified tiles, in place of grey cement
On the walls, photographs of my grandpa,
Grandma, my mother and a group photo, me
Being on the front row, ground, sitting cross
Legged, wearing a cotton skirt and blouse with
A fringed hair bunch hung down from the fore-
Head, showing a line of teeth missing one
In the middle.
My eyes searched and found a photo on the
Right wall in the middle, once my uncle fixed
He described then that it was of a great pianist
Named Frederic Francois Chopin
I touched my ears, close by  on the wall;
I heard the nocturne, the wind was jumping
From his piano, from one reel to the other
Like a kitten on the floor playing with its twin.
I longed to have my childhood once again
With my uncle, grandma, grandpa and my
Little aunts.


A white sheet of paper
Is a technology
To create new inventions
In language and literature
Invading new words new ideas
New findings, techniques, presentation
By discharging the theoretical and
Mythological structure, imposed
Upon the readers with doctrines
And dogmatism
It leads the writer to a revolution of writing
There is enough space to write or think
Whether with meter or rhyme
What is to be written
A white paper may become an
Instrument to destroy the world in seconds
And to build up a new world
Of happiness and blessedness
It is an inspiration to write, also helps
The writer ensure where he stands
On the path of writing



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