When I got in the police car I felt so low,
Who can I ring, where the fuck will I go,

The people I thought I could count on never came through,
Why won't they answer I don't have a clue,

Then one person stable springs to my mind,
He answers the phone he starts to be kind,

I get dropped off into and knock on your house,
I feel like I'm imposing so stay quiet as a mouse,

I’m quite wound up and tell you what’s wrong,
You listen to my problems it doesn't take long,

A deep night’s sleep in a warm comfy bed,
In the morning you cook for me you keep me well fed,

With things I have told you, we agree,
The problems with them its surely not me,

You offer protection and a safe place to say,
You don’t even mind if its more than a day,

I've told you about karma and how it will repay,
You are gods beautiful people, in my heart you will stay.....

Trying and getting closer to the goal in small steps with big dreams,
See though paper made men they get to delivered to me in boxes of reams,

Women take me completely and put me into a warm comfy trance,
If they don't reciprocate my feelings I have a wounded soldier stance,

I could sit all day long watch preen herself and play with her hair,
But I suppose it’s not always right and can be rude to stare,

Just start working in with the sensitive touch when I'm invited,
Perhaps I should test the water more in the future before I get to excited,

I do also think that the key to a woman's heart is making her laugh and smile,
They will have a period where they go for bastards but only lasts a while,

It's always nice to know why her last relationship failed and why she’s single,
Was it that she was just unhappy or was it that she preferred to mingle?

Independence is great trait and she may not need no guy,
Convincing her you’re the one though is surely worth a try?

And if she’s ever battled with twisted addiction,
Be sure that's she’s free of this evil affliction....

Wallpaper (for Danielle)
I take a swipe of my screen to reveal your face,
Its quite hard to see because the apps take up all the space,

The dark soul that lumbers you inside of those deep browns,
Many a man has tired for your heart they come from all towns,

The escalations of all your extreme hurtful life situations,
Can sometimes leave you open to emotional interrogations,

I remain calm and real never really telling you or anyone how I really feel,
I had a friend for 8 years they were bad, my personality they did steal,

When your reading this you equate it to yourself and try to understand,
You know that life is a game of poker though and is this my real hand?

Nobody cares about last year or what you did last week,
It's the acts that you perform today that in your soul I will seek,

Some people call me wise and some even call me a preacher,
We are both equal though the student and the teacher,

Finding connections with people outside the same groups we have always had is key,
They have never looked into your past and they know only what they see,

Finding who we are cannot be rushed or even found by others perceptions,
Even the blackest damaged heart wants close bonds and not rejections,

The series of peaks and troughs that we go through in life define our inner beauty,
Making people feel loved and cared for is not a chore but it’s our duty,

When the messenger of misery visits us we think that they have unpacked forever,
The fight and drive to keep going through it all blossoms like a spring heather,

This form of writing that I do is even hard for me to conjure it comes from my dreams,
I may have a few people who live in my head but each bursts with love at the seams....

© Dave Hill 2014


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